Ziggy Marley – "Beach In Hawaii" | Love Is My Religion

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“Beach in Hawaii”, a track off the Ziggy Marley album, LOVE IS MY RELIGION.

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  1. Beautiful song, I am literally counting down days for Ziggy’s concert on Saturday in Asbury Park, NJ!!! Oct 2/2021!!!

  2. anytime it starts getting crazy in Minnesota.. I just remind myself… I can brah.. just fly out right now.. to the beach.. in Hawaii

  3. Thank God bless you ziggy marley tomorrow morning l well be okay sorry l was canfewse please gave me 💚💛❤💋💋💋

  4. My granddaughter is 5years old, and she is so into Bob Marley ❤️ and really love Ziggy 💕 Beach in Hawaii is her favorite song. We play it over and over and over.. ❤️🌹

  5. 3/21/2020 Corona virus in full effect. Need this song in my life… something normal something good…still I praise you Jah. I will not lose faith in the ALMIGHTY.

  6. Who’s listening to this 2019?

    Jamming out

    Jesus is coming soon get right with god.
    He loves you

  7. Maryjane joceylnn i miss you so fucking much… This juan character is going to get it i shouldve just shot him when i had the chance… But i couldne hurt you any more than i did

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