Would you go out?? Sandy Beach Hawaii

Big surf hitting Sandy Beach Shore break in Oahu, Hawaii! This was filmed at 7/14/2019. Ala Moana Bowls and the whole South Shore was going off with huge barrels and heavy drops and wipeouts. After filming Ala Moana Bowls, I decided to take a drive to the East @ Sandy Beach thinking that Sandys will be firing also. As you can see.. it was! Not a lot of surfers, Body Surfers and Body Boarders out charging, but whoever did go out that day
you are gnarly. It was great to watch, and many of you guys scored! Huge barrlels, fun drops. Major shoutout to the surfer who went over the falls. That was heavy!
I hope there is another huge summer swell coming.

Thank you for watching Micah Surf Videos. This YouTube channel is focused on showing you the amazing Waves and Surfers of Hawaii. I feel very lucky to be able to surf these
waves everyday and I want to show viewers the great waves that we have to offer. There are many casual, non sponsored surfers who surf these waves perfectly, I want to show the surfing world of their talent. Stay tuned!

Check out another Crazy Sandys video here:

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  1. Nope. I was here Feb 2nd-14th – month and a half ago. This beach is super sketchy. I could tell the only ones playing in the shore break were local to the island. In person its even more intimidating. This video surely doesn't do it justice.

  2. Maybe 40 years ago with the Great People such as Mark Takamura at my Side….. 🌟🤙🌟❤MY HEART IS GOING OVER 1000 BEATS A MIN, KEEP TELLING MYSELF TO BREATHE🌟🤙🌟The BESTEST – Yes there is a word like that, I made it Up…… The Blow hole in the Background is ❤🌟🤙❤🌟🤙❤🌟🤙MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE❤🌟🤙🌟❤ Mahalo

  3. My brother and used to body surf here in 1966. The first time it was stormy and there were 4 military guys out there and they were drunk. While going home we heard on the radio that they had drowned. I was just 9 and my brother was 14 and that was difficult for us to accept. We also realized how important safety is and looking out for oneanother is.

  4. AWESOME VIDEO! And NO! I would not go out! It looks like suicide! We went there as kids when we lived there in '69. We had fun just letting the shore break propel us up the sand like a catapult!

  5. I lived there in1975, was on this beach two or three times a week. That place can be brutal. Don’t go in here unless you are in really good shape, have great swimming skills and can hold your breath for a long time. Shore breakers, they will spit you off the top of the wave if you are unlucky you will land head first and break you neck, then you can’t swim and you drown. Lots of people injured and killed on this beach.

  6. There were a few times when I went there in the 80's that I ended up at the golf course nearby 🙃

  7. i already went and nothing happened to me i went far in the water with the big waves and everything nothing happened to me

  8. I think this video is where the term “rekt” originated. Holy cowabunga.

    I was there yesterday and was afraid to even dip my toe in the water…

  9. 60's, 70's, no problem, that's when l used to hang out there. Nowadays, you might see me sitting on the beach, reminiscing.

  10. I think there's quite a few people that can honestly say they escaped death there, maybe even more than once. I'm definitely one of them.

  11. I remember pulling a Japanese tourist out of the waves. This big wave spiked him, he was dead. The back of his neck looked like a Vertebrae had been taken out then put back sideways:( The ambulance came screaming up, they checked him then the 2 EMT's lit up cigarettes put him inside then proceeded to flirt with ladies. DOA

  12. I miss that washing machine..drown every wave you rush but the rush is a natural high..can’t wait to go back sandys but north shore is we’re it’s at

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