Would you go out?? Sandy Beach Hawaii

Big surf hitting Sandy Beach Shore break in Oahu, Hawaii! This was filmed at 7/14/2019. Ala Moana Bowls and the whole South Shore was going off with huge barrels and heavy drops and wipeouts. After filming Ala Moana Bowls, I decided to take a drive to the East @ Sandy Beach thinking that Sandys will be firing also. As you can see.. it was! Not a lot of surfers, Body Surfers and Body Boarders out charging, but whoever did go out that day
you are gnarly. It was great to watch, and many of you guys scored! Huge barrlels, fun drops. Major shoutout to the surfer who went over the falls. That was heavy!
I hope there is another huge summer swell coming.

Thank you for watching Micah Surf Videos. This YouTube channel is focused on showing you the amazing Waves and Surfers of Hawaii. I feel very lucky to be able to surf these
waves everyday and I want to show viewers the great waves that we have to offer. There are many casual, non sponsored surfers who surf these waves perfectly, I want to show the surfing world of their talent. Stay tuned!

Check out another Crazy Sandys video here:

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