why i'm not going back to hawaii

why i’m not going back to hawaii.. for now. i’ve been struggling with my mental health for the past few months and thats okay! I’m turning to God and trusting Him and His plan. If you’re going through an anxious time right now too, trust me I understand your struggle and pain, but we’re going to be okay!

here’s the video i was talking about
Peace Under Pressure:


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  1. You should really try to listen to Maverick city music/Elevation worship always always always puts me at peace. I love youuu

  2. I bought the Joel Osteen book you put on your story a while back. I've been rekindling my relationship with God the last few years and seriously love adding the daily page to my morning routine

  3. I’ve been praying for you to come to Jesus for a while. When you started talking about your relationship w God I started full on like sobbing. I’m so glad that you have been coming to God for your struggles and placed your anxieties on Him. I will continue praying for you beautiful girl!

  4. I’m in literal tears. Hannah this is exactly what I needed to hear. I recently moved out of my parents house because the timing just felt right. I still think I made the right decision, but some days are hard, really hard. I tried out a new church today and it was exactly what I needed. Then today I saw this. Thank you for sharing your story and always being open with us. God works in mysterious ways, but he has a plan. 🤍

  5. Omg LOL this makes so much more sense! Jack is your brother. I thought it was your boyfriend and I was like DUMP HIM PLEASE HAHA!

  6. Thank you for being so open and honest. I really do love seeing you talk about God and for alway being so positive when it’s hard✨🤍

  7. Hearing you open up about your struggles, being completely vulnerable, and talking about leaning into God is literally amazing. So happy for you and that you were able to find that peace through your relationship with God. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  8. miss ma’am first of all i love you and your strength inspires me so much!!! secondly , i’d like the recipe to those power balls 😭

  9. I love this! I think it is important also to remember that even when you are not feeling anxious to always keep God close, and to always be working on your relationship with God! I'm not perfect by a LONGGG shot! but this is literally something Ive gone through myself. The anxiety and panic attacks that wake me from my sleep! And I think the message that God is sending is to pay more attention to yourself and God! ❤️❤️

  10. “You have purpose wherever you go” I absolutely love that. I used to speak so negatively about my hometown and couldn’t wait to get out and after traveling more this year, it’s out so much into perspective. You can find happiness truly wherever you are and once you kind of let go of the pressure of having it all figured out and trying to understand where exactly you need to be, you can truly be free and present where you are with family, Friends, and within yourself. Turning to God definitely helps relieve some of that pressure. And also knowing you’re exactly where you need to be for this moment. And finding peace in that is everything. I’m going to be moving to Oahu in the summer so if you extend your lease, I would love to meet up with you 🙂

  11. Ugly love is exactly the book that recently got me back into reading too. I feel like with the education system, reading felt like a punishment at least for me personally growing up and now I’m rekindling me for books which is really exciting!

  12. I’m taking a cultural psychology class at university right now and let me just say, America is way too independent for me. A lot of Western cultures believe it is normal to be separated from family and live on their own as well as support themselves. However, when you look at a lot of Eastern cultures, they find meaning in their relationships with others and will stay with their family their whole lives. I’m not saying being independent is bad, but I do think Americans take it way too far and it just doesn’t feel natural. I have never felt like it’s natural to be away from the people I love and I’m anxious that I’m losing precious time with them. Idk I just don’t want you to feel like it’s bad that you don’t feel good being away from home right now or being alone. Your brain might be oriented differently than a lot of people and maybe you find meaning and joy in your relationships with others. Totally okay.

  13. Thank you for being so real with us xx We all on a different journey with God and I can really relate to you x

  14. It is so nice to hear that you have been growing in your relationship with God. Life can be very tough sometimes and it takes strength that only one person can give. (Jesus) God has helped me a lot throughout my life and still is the first one I turn to when I am really struggling to see the good in whatever situation I am in and for him to help and guide me through it. I pray that you will continue to be a light to others and that you can confidently grow in your relationship with God.

  15. So proud of you for opening up about this. 20’s can definitely be a scary and anxious time. I’m in a similar boat as you. I’m from GR and moved to Hawaii 2 years ago. I’m moving back to GR next month to be closer to family. My dream is to live in Tennessee 🙌🏼 so proud of you speaking about your relationship with God ❤️

  16. I love how you are! God loves you and he’ll always be by your side! You’re young and have so much ahead! My best wishes and so much prayers ❤️😊😊😊

  17. I love this video so much. You should defiantly make a video on how to get out of a funk it would help me so much. love u girl

  18. Hannah! I have watched your channel for years now and as a follower of Christ it warmed my heart to hear you talk about how God is working in your life. I went through a time in my life where I got into a situation that God used to strip me from a lot of things I had which left me alone. I was mad at the situation, but the Lord had to strip from me all distractions so that I could see He was really freeing me from a life I thought I wanted. God's got a plan for you Hannah!!! I am saying a prayer for you now

  19. Wow thank you for sharing this mini testimony! You are so loved and I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself.

  20. Some advice, I think you need to figure out what YOU want. I’m sure that’s exactly what you’re doing right now cause aren’t we all at this age? Figuring out your self prophecy is something only YOU can discover and I think you are so afraid to be alone that it’s stopping you from becoming your full potential. You need to find more passions. Being an influencer allows you to make your own schedule which can make it very hard stay focused. Maybe a job. Something to give you more purpose as you seem to like consistency and order 🙂 advice from someone who has been watching you for awhile and has seen you go through the struggles of adulthood periodically!

  21. please make a video about how you get out of stuff <333 need more than anything. randomly stumbled upon you actually and cried at the sermon video you posted. thank you for being so genuine and real unlike many influencers i followed before you

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