"White Sandy Beach of Hawaii" (Braddah IZ) Ukulele Play-Along!

Watch the full free tutorial for this song HERE:

Play along with Aldrine as he plays “White Sandy Beach of Hawaii” by Braddah IZ on the ukulele!

For a complete free tutorial on this song (how to play the chords, fingerpicking, intro and outro fingerpicking) check out the full free lesson at

If you’re looking for a less intense, less in-depth lesson on how to play White Sandy Beach, check out our Whiteboard Request Lesson:

-UU Staff


  1. I have practice for several time but i dont know the line order of picking. Sadly there is no picking pattern like introduction. Anyone who know which line to picking in order please email me.

  2. I love the way you teach others how to play songs! You teach from a players viewpoint, it’s so easy to learn as long as you put in the practice. This is one of the best tutorial classes.

  3. Well done! This for sure is an iconic song, and you did both the instrumental portion, the part you are teaching us, well. But you did the vocal even more justice, adding a bit more power to make it your own.

  4. You can hear the Filipino coming out . Explains the hat though . Filipinos like putting hats like this when they feel like entertaining. Also I can guarantee you he had influences of karaoke in the garage that his parents and uncles and aunties played

  5. Just returned from a Hawaii vacation. What I brought back was discovery of ukulele and, in particular, this song that was played on guitar. Ukulele and slack key guitar are marvelous contributions of Hawaiians to the spirit of man. Thanks for demonstrating how such charming music is played and sung.

  6. woow this was so beautiful thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us, and your voce is angelic you brought tears to my eyes …oh the memories

  7. Recently joined up with a uke group that plays this a lot. I'm new on the uke and now I'll be able to get a handle on this song. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Im new to the ukelele cant even make it through a full song yet but you for real inspire me to never want to put ot down

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