What It's Like to Travel to Hawaii Right Now | Tips for visiting a busy Hawaii in 2021

Traveling to Hawaii has just made a step-change. A vaccine passport program is starting and the islands are starting to get crowded again. Here is your April 2021 update from two Maui residents who island-hop.

What is it like to travel to #Hawaii right now? What is open? Is there enough to do on your Hawaii vacation?

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What Is It Like to Travel to Hawaii Right Now?
00:00 Intro
00:20 Update on Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Program
02:13 What is Hawaii like once you arrive?
03:35 Tips for traveling to Hawaii right now
05:00 What is the vibe in Hawaii like right now?

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  1. Is it legal to run down the beaches naked and drag your balls behind you while leaving a Ditch behind you as you run?

  2. Don’t come to Hawaii right now- we are going on lockdown! No hospital beds available! Local folks are tired, angry and burnt out on visitors. No aloha right now- kala mai.

  3. The Hawaii Covid websites show nothing about vaccine passports. It is apparently not true you only need to show documentation of vaccination, and you still need a test. Should probably update the video!

  4. Today is May 22, 2021. If you’re traveling from the States to Hawaii, do you still have to obtain a COVID-19 test? Or, if you’ve been fully vaccinated, can you enter Hawaii without a test?

  5. Hello! Do you know if uploading vaccination documents to the Safe Travels program will make it so we can avoid testing/quarantine? Has that been rolled out yet? Set to arrive May 30. Thank you!

  6. It’s grossly crowded and traffic is prepandemic. Thanks for posting the info about mask wearing. If only tourists would obey our mandates.

  7. If two working from home professionals were to move to Hawai'i which island would you recommend we move to first. Oahu or Maui. we have been to both islands but are unsure on the location. and Rent: House?, Condo? Buy? and what island might be better to do that on. Any advice would be Great. 🤙

  8. I went there last week. I don't know about other airlines, but if you fly with Alaska Airlines you can preclear on the mainland before you get to Hawaii. They check all your test results and make sure everything is set up correct of the Hawaii department of Health's website and then give you a wristband that says preclear. Once you get to Hawaii there is no waiting in line to have everything checked, you just walk out of the terminal like normal. The line was two hours at OGG when we got there and we just walked right past it.

  9. The idea that folks are travelling this far is a mystery to me. In Canada, no travel for pleasure – we can’t even travel to another province next to us, let alone across the pacific!

  10. Going to kauai in 2 weeks can hardly wait all vaccinated up and ready !!!! Daughter going maui in june so I got excited and sent it to her thanks

  11. 😩 hopefully they left the test mandatory to go to Hawaii soon. I am fully vaccinated but they still want a test and the only one I can get is 200 dollars where I live. I want to go see my brother he is in the army in Honolulu, I haven’t seen him for over a year now.

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