1. Yessssss!! I love this for you. Teeny tiny bit dl supper jelly over those jelly sandals. Everything looks perfectly made for you.

  2. this is nosy as fk, but can you drop your income plan?

    there is no way a normal job be letting you afford all this, and I would love to be able to pay off my student loans and maybe go to Hawaii myself!

  3. The thing about telling people “if you don’t like it because you don’t have her privilege and money, just keep scrolling” sounds a hell of a lot like “if you don’t like being limited in your opportunities in life because of your culture or features, just work harder.” You feel me? So I think people are perfectly entitled to criticize materialism. And if not, does that mean we’re being silenced in your section for holding particular beliefs? Crazy how progress begets backward movement in this decade specifically

  4. That’s not even funny, one bag alone is someone’s rent. Sure buy all u want it’s ur money but don’t show off. I don’t understand these arrogant people called influencers, is a bag worth £100 not good enough? Must I buy something that expensive is it necessary or is it just for attention and following drama. I’m sorry hate all u want but people like her have no personality.

  5. Ala Moana shopping center is great and all, but you could buy these items in any major city with these stores. However, it’s unfortunate you didn’t get to experience what makes Hawaii a special place. With all that money you could have chartered a double mast sail boat and had a ball with your friends in the Waikiki waters. You haven’t lived till you swim naked out past the shore on the Vanessa sailboat here from the honolulu boat harbor. 🌺✌🏼

  6. No shade boo I love that you treated yourself but girl you could’ve done this in Vegas. I wanted to see a dope ocean view some yummy food trucks 😄

  7. Don’t understand why people go to these chain stores like Chanel and Gucci.. like they’re EVERYWHERE!

  8. What you spend a day luxury edition. I would never spend $800 on a pair of sandals 🩴

  9. We get it, you have money. Also you know social media may not be around forever, therefore I hope you have a good thing to fall back on. Everybody is one paycheck or emergency away from losing everything in their life. Your six-figure lifestyle will not last forever.

  10. This is gross conspicuous consumption. When you can afford these things you don’t need to show off like this and break down costs.

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