WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII!! Disney's Aulani Resort Villa Room Tour! #1

Click here to see our Disney Aulani Adventure!:

PART 1 – Villa Room Tour:
PART 2 – Shaved Ice and Waterslides:
PART 3 – Aulani Luau & Activities:
PART 4 – Polynesian Cultural Center:
PART 5: Last Day in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor:



Hey guys! We’re headed to Hawaii for our big Summer vacation! We’re staying a week at Disney AULANI Resort and Spa on the island of Oahu. They’ve got a ton of activities at the resort and we plan on going on a few excursions around the island.

Our first day involved flying to Honolulu, renting a car and driving to the resort. After a quick tour of our 1 room villa, we head down to the pool, lazy river, and water slides! After a full day of activities, we headed across the street for some pizza at Corner Pizza. Jillian was so tired she fell asleep at the table! Stay tuned for PART 2 in our next video!

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  1. My auntie and cousin, that are both US citizens, are currently in Hawaii, while I’m here dreaming to go there. Sad fact: me and my mother were supposed to go to Honolulu, then covid came.

  2. Disney Aulani is amazing I’v been there 8 times for my birthday and I’m 10 and for the other two times I went to Disney World Florida and the last one was at home because of Covid-19

  3. I went to aulani 2 years ago but now I’m going to Maui (A different resort) in less than a week! Anyone know what I should do in Maui?

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