VLOG: pack with me for vacation to hawaii!

in today’s vlog I’m bringing you guys along with me as I pack for Hawaii! I spent the last week on maui and had the best + most relaxing time… week in my life coming soon!! love you guys xo


how I landed a summer internship in Hawaii:

summer night routine
what I got in Japan + Korea!
summer day in my life

business inquiries: seasonalbeauty97@gmail.com


  1. im watching this during "corona times" and I didn't realize that this was over a year ago and when you said "I'm the type of person that wears mask's on planes"
    I was like uh girl… its required….. lol

  2. Over 1 year later watching this- thinking that packing those three masks was not weird whatsoever and questioning how she would get by a week with only 3 masks

  3. Her:"I haven't worn these I got them from Korea"
    Also her:wears mask to airport cuz there dirty
    Me:👀Why couldn't everyone do that

  4. Watching this during quarantine and I’m laughing at the fact that she has a face mask 😷 for on the plane. Little did we know that those will be essential.

  5. Wow this was posted exactly a year ago! I'm watching while packing for the outer banks in the middle of the night lol.

    So this have noting to do with this vid but does anyone know do I need to put my toiletries in a clear bag or no bc I have a normal pink bag I use and I want to put all my lotions Shampoos etc in there but can I? I am taking a carry on luggage so?? I was thinking of putting my bag in my moms medium size luggage or will she still get caught and need to throw it away. Question is do I need to use a clear bag for all of my toiletries in a carry on luggage?

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