UNBOXING HAWAII: What It's Like Living in HAWAII

Is everyone leaving Hawaii because it’s way too expensive?
Is everyone in Hawaii a surfer?
Does Hawaii have an actual place to ski?

We’ll answer those questions and a lot more. So let’s unbox the state of Hawaii!

Aloha! That means hello (and goodbye). Welcome! We’re in Hawaii now so we have to speak the native language. Hoa. That means friend. Hoaloha Hello friend. Neat right? Looks like you’re here because you’re thinking about buying some property in Hawaii and making this your permanent home. Well it’s a good choice – I mean look at the place. And this is the world surfing championships here at the North Shore in Oahu. Look at those waves and the ocean and all around you. Ahh.

Surfing was invented was in Polynesia and the art was brought to Hawaii where it became a worldwide sensation. Here on the north shore, waves average 16 feet high in the winter, and at their peak they can get 50 feet high. Some Hawaiian waves have even been 100 feet high! Can you imagine that? Surfing a 100 foot wave? I can’t.

7 million people come to this state every year to see sights like this. But odds are if you moved here you wouldn’t surf – I mean it looks pretty hard. And you wouldn’t want to know where the tourist spots are, either. No, you need to know where you can LIVE. Right now, a lot of the middle class is being squeezed out and the ones who can afford to are leaving the island in droves, and a lot of rich people are moving here in big numbers. Currently in Hawaii, there’s a lot of back and forth from the mainland. If you’re one of the people coming here, you gotta know where to go.

This is Hawaii. Now I know you can’t see much from a higher level, but don’t worry we’ll zoom in to each region. Hawaii has all sorts of different areas where you can live, just like the state where YOU are has different regions. Hawaii is made up of more than 130 islands, but there are 8 MAIN islands in the chain. And each one has its own culture, way of life and cost.

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Hula Hooping
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