1. Tell a random girl this " If I can get a dollar everytime I think of you, I should be a millionaire by now "

    Hope you notice this, Solid Fan From Phillipines

  2. @That was epic
    Where's Sean O'Malley when you need him most..
    It would have been so good to see him K.O that steroids guy

  3. to the fat tough boy, chill out.. we know you trying to be tough in front of your girl. she didn't give a shit lol

  4. Maybe not the best outfit people were giving dirty stares and looks you weren’t dominating them mentally like you usually do all good tho

  5. That one guy looked thought he looked tuff but he would be the one to run from a fight once he started to get hammered

  6. Hay Juan you should do a video that shows your dad's side of the family because it would be interesting to see the paisa side of your family. But what really got me is that your last name is Gonzalez which to me it mean that the Mormons from your town are allowed to have relationships with none Mormon members because there is Mennonite community near where my dad is from in Durango,MX & the woman are not allowed to be in contact with people like accept the men only when it's for work or some sort of important business. Also you should do a video where you pretend to be a narco.

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