Trying HAWAII 7-ELEVEN | Hawaiian Food Review! BEST 7-ELEVEN in U.S.

7-Eleven is amazing in Asia. I LOVE the food at the 7-Eleven in Japan and Taiwan and always hated that the ones here are not as good. But I tried the 7-Eleven in Hawaii and the food was great!! Check out what they have there!

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  1. I use to be a Manager for 711 and I take Pride in the fact that you would never see a bad hotdog in my store and if I did I would never sell you one and offer something else

  2. As a local in Wailua you have to go back and get a spam musubi I grew up on those, they are the best, I remember after school once a week my mom and I would go pick up spam musubis and we loved it there was a 7 11 right next to my school! Also if you don’t know already the locals are some of the nicest people ever we have a very very low crime rate because we are kind to each other. We leave our car doors open ha

  3. saimin, loco moco, and spam musubi all remind me heavily of my late great grandmother, my grandmother, and most recently my father. every time i eat any of them it feels like i’m transported back to a time when they were all alive and we would enjoy all of this together

  4. I have eaten those hot dog 🌭in 7-Eleven and they are pretty good maybe 🤔you should try one 😉and see how they are since you don't like broccoli and you eat a lot of stuff that is not good for you

  5. I want to travel to Hawaii I like Pacific Islander culture and Samoans are interesting people. It's on my bucket list along with Singapore

  6. Slurpees are great until it gets cold I enjoyed Slurpees this past Summer. It got up to 114 degrees in Portland I did go to a cooling center where they took care of the homeless

  7. Gotta love 7 eleven I liked them when I was in Portland earlier this yr. I ate Taquitos and Hot wings from there

  8. idk why 7-11s are so amazing around the globe, and US literally has the worst one by far not even close

  9. I worked at a 7-11 about 11 years ago…… those Hot Dogs where absolute crap…. So was most of the food at the location I worked at. Now I wanna travel out of jealousy lol

  10. I think ur right about 711 haten the continental US. I live in New Mexico and I dnt even think we have 711 anymore.

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