TRUE HAWAII | By Sam Potter and Nainoa Langer | Beautiful Destinations

The true beauty behind Hawaii’s white sandy beaches and its green bright mountains.

Hello, Sam Potter here, I’ve wanted to tell the story of home since I’ve picked up a camera. This may only be a sliver of what we have to share with the world, but I’m proud of what we’ve captured. This all started with a conversation between Nai (Nainoa Langer) and I as we sat above a waterfall overlooking my childhood swimming hole. I said, “We should start a travel-based series that gives people an in-depth look at cultures around the world,” in hopes that we could create something that encourages greater appreciation, understanding, and respect between cultures. His response was “Let’s start with home.” So, we reached out to Beautiful Destinations with the idea, and boom, here we are, (and what I mean by boom is months of hard work and the many, many hurdles that come with planning and executing a film project, hahaha) but nevertheless, here we are.
My first thought when it came to explaining a place as complex as Hawaii was people need to understand that there are two parts to the culture, the traditional side, and the modern day side. Our modern-day life represented by Kimi Werner, demonstrates our values, the way we care for each other, for our community, and for our environment. The traditional side represented by Micah Kamohoalii, shares a little about the history of Hawaii, the practices of the Hawaiian people, and most importantly, Aloha, what it means and how that too can be practiced.
Nai and I are very excited to be working with Beautiful Destinations to bring you stories like this from around the world. Our goal is to travel with respect, humility, and curiosity so that we may gain new perspectives, and hopefully we may all become a little more understanding and loving towards one another.
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Sam Potter | Writer, Director & Host |
Nainoa Langer | Director of Photography, Editor & Sound Design

Kimi Werner ​
Micah Kamohoalii ​

Ford Potter & Justin Shigi | 2nd Camera ​
Perrin James | Additional Footage ​
Dan Worden | Additional Footage ​
Alan Potter | Copy Editor ​

Tom Jauncey | VP Content Creation
Nick Evans | Co-Founder
Remi Carlioz | Chief Creative Officer
Gabor Harrach | Chief Content Officer

Halau Na Kipu’upu’u ​
Hoku Nichols ​
Amir Zakeri ​
Ryan Siebring ​
Redefined Media ​
Madison ‘PIP’ Stewart
Micah Niinuma ​
Pake Salmon ​


  1. Sam is my classmate and took photography in Mr. Bullocks. To see him use the skills he learned and make beautiful content of our island makes me so proud 👏 awesome job Sam

  2. I agree with what he said ab the 2 sides, but a wise man told me once that there are always 3 sides to every story, yours mine and what really is

  3. So many parts of this video brought me to tears! My heart. I would love to travel here and connect with these people so, so much ♥️

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I lived in Kailua for 12 years and think about it literally every single day.
    This perfectly captures what I desperately miss about living there!

    Mahalo nui loa 🙏💚

  5. Incredible. This is why I love Hawaii 💯 the connection I felt the very first time. My soul was happy. I got emotional watching & listening to you. Because I miss my Hawaiian brothers & sisters. 🌺

  6. living on the Hamakua Coast on the big island,this video really resonates with me….we could all stand to learn this place and its beautiful people!🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  7. Saying thank you is not enough, carlos_1uptradee []n lnster;gram you’re the best. Imma refer my friends and family to you. What a good helper.cgyb

  8. I cried through this entire video. I can’t even begin to explain the range of emotions this made me feel. This is a beautiful, beautiful video. Mahalo nui loa!

  9. I love Hawaii. Nicest people I have ever met. Can’t wait to go back again. Mahalo for the beautiful photos and memories.

  10. Beautiful message .. amazing scenes !!! what's the camera and lenses for this video ?? i realy like the colors and image clear !!! thank you

  11. Amazing work you guys nailed it. I cried the whole time, I went to oahu about a year ago, and I cannot wait to go back again in March. Please don't stop making this videos. Mahalo 💗

  12. Unity Consciousness ! that's what its all about ! One heart…Blessed be mother earth, blessed be…thank you Sam and Nainoa for sharing your wisdom !

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