TRAVELING to HAWAII during COVID | Step by Step | Hawaii Travel Restrictions December 2021

Today there are many travel restrictions to get to Hawaii. Here we’ll show you step by step requirements and how to avoid quarantine upon arrival with new Safe Travel and Safe Access programs. Watch till the end and you will be prepared, avoid the quarantine and skip all the lines in the airports of Hawaii upon arrival.
Hawaii State website to create account:

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  1. We just need our vaccination card in order to avoid the quarantine? Or we need our vaccination card and negative test results to avoid it?

  2. You guys are so informative and helpful and i am going to stay where you stayed and did video! I wish you both the best. Many travels and subscribers!

  3. Thank you cuz we're not vaccinated and I was so scared they were going to make the quarantine when we get there cuz we're only going for about 5 days so that would be our whole vacation it would suck to thank you now I know that I just got to get a test before and every Forty-Eight Hours and that's fine don't care about that just my husband had a heart attack he can't get the vaccination and I'm definitely not getting it

  4. thank you! i’m going to hawaii in march & this helps sooooo much. keep hearing al different things so thank you 😊

  5. What she forgot to say…..and the reason I was kicked out of Hawaii on Christmas Eve 2021 with my kids crying…….she forgot to say that your "test" results have to arrive via your email prior to departure to Hawaii. My appropriate test ..done at the required test testing time…was denied due to the fact that CVS sent the results while I was in the airplane, not before I was in the plane (I asked at LAX & they told me if was fine to board). I was treated terrible & had to fly back to LAX (6 hours) & wasn't able to spend Christmas with my husband & children. Yes, the test results were negative & I was holding the results when I landed. I was offered to quarantine for 10 days but no hotel was available Christmas Eve. We rented a condo & you cannot quarantine in a condo. This was a terrible experience. I have had covid (2020) & had an allergic reaction to my first shot if Moderna. I cannot get the second shot.

  6. Just wanted a clarification, so if you have a vaccine card and you upload it to the safe travel. You don't need to take a negative test result 72 hours prior right?

  7. Thank you. We would like to go to Hawaii someday, maybe after all the entry requirements and restrictions are gone, if that ever happens

  8. So you said to eat in restaurants you have to show your vaccinated card. Why can't just show your information on your phone that you downloaded from your state website so you don't need to carry your card around.

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