Top 5 Beaches on the Big Island

Join us as we take you on a complete tour of the top five beaches on the Big Island (West Hawaii).
Learn about the snorkeling, the sand, the shade and the parking! Tips that will make your time here more fun!

These beaches are all north of the Kona Airport where there are bigger beaches with white sand, parking, and restrooms (though one has an outhouse!) Hapuna Beach and Wailea Beach require $5 parking fees for non-residents, Mauna Kea has restricted public parking, and Kekeha Kai requires a driver who does not mind a 2 mile bumpy ride!

Are you planning on jumping into these blue waters? Please remember to wear a rash guard or avoid using sunscreens with Oxybenzone to protect our coral reefs. Mahalo!

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  1. I will never forget our honeymoon in 1988 (you were not even born..) at Kona Village. We had no idea how paradise look like, but we know this is the closest thing to paradise !
    One day I went went fishing Blue Marlin on a boat named Holiday. To start with the captain went starboard coming uot of the harbour, the rest went left…
    Long story short: we had 5 marlinflags that day !!
    In the meantime we have 6 grandchildren, but one day we would like to come back, but is Kona Village rebuilt after the storm ?

  2. Oh my gosh! I have been on the Big Island 8 times now and only knew 2 of these beaches!! 😢🤪. Love to come back! Thanks. Just found yout channel. Punishing myself watching the best place on earth! 🥰💕♥️

  3. You clearly haven’t been to Makalawena Beach yet. Go to Mahaiula beach at the kahakai state park and follow the trail to Makalawena, you can see the trail on google maps satellite image from Mahaiula beach, the finest whitest sand and turquoise water on the Big Island!

  4. Good day have not been to Hawaii yet but would like to know which of the islands have the best beaches with white sand or is the big island the best choice.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Julie, we are on the Big Island now and we tried to find the turtle cove at the Hāpuna Beach but no luck 😕 any specific directions how to get there?

  6. I arrive with my family of 5 in June. Very excited to visit all of these beaches. Great vlog. Keep it up and please make more. We may bump into each other on Kona lol 🙂

  7. If a beach is the only selling point Hawaii has then I'll pass! I live in the midwest about 25 miles from some of the nicest beaches on lake michigan which puts these to shame and I have only gone maybe 5-6 times. Beaches just don't do anything for me.

  8. Is there anywhere you can park by Hapuna and Mauna Kea beach and walk a bit? We will be staying 48 minutes away and probably won't get there till 9am. Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you so much for this video! Hubby and I are vacationing on the Big Island in October and I can't wait to see these beaches. Mahalo!

  10. I used to swim naked at some of these beaches… in the days when there was no paved road and you had to hike in. They are still magic.

    There are also, even now, some other remote beaches where you can be the only human for miles around. That's what I love about this place. So much to discover — even when skinnydipping is no longer a priority.

  11. What I have learned from being at those beaches.. Tourists are idiots. They let their children scream and carry on like they are at some cheap motels pools. The experience is getting worse and worse each year we travel to the Big Island. I feel sorry for the locals having to deal morons who travel there.

  12. I gave this a thumbs up because of her enthusiasm, but on my trip 2 years ago last Wednesday Feb 6th I was not able to find a enjoyable beach save for the green sand one on the south end. I stayed in Hilo and rented a car, In the 8 days I was there, put a 1000 miles on it, but when I tried to visit beaches for a swim my feet got tore up by all the hidden jagged rocks in the sand, I wished I had water socks. I went to Hawaii keep from ending my life, and it help a little, but I was all by myself with no one to share it with. KL

  13. Hi Julie, I’m literally binge watching your videos! Thanks for doing all the research for us. Going to Kua beach tomorrow…just from watching this video. By the way, which song is the very last on on this video? I really like it but I can’t figure out which one it is. TIA

  14. My boyfriend and i are headed to the Royal Kona Resort in June 2019. It looked like all rock around the resort, so this was great info to help us plan sometime at sandy beaches. We will be with a group of friends and family for a wedding, any other suggestions for all of us to do? Any MUST see things?

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