THE ULTIMATE HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG ❥ OAHU // best beaches, best food, fun activities

Hiii loves !! Check out my Hawaii Highlight on my Instagram to see all the places I ate, stopped at, and everything in between →

If you’re wondering what to do on your next visit to Oahu, these are the places you should check out!!!

In this video, we spend one day in Oahu, Hawaii. We drive up to the north shore & go to some really cool spots. We also eat some of the best food everrrrr. OMG I just forgot — I didn’t add in the amazing açai bowls I had every day in this video. I’ll try to add it on my IG highlights!!

I’m so sorry for this video being late. I PROMISE I’ll be more prepared on my next trip & make sure I have enough editing time.

Sandbar tour:

anyways, thanks for watching 🤍 love u guys!!!!

-Kim xx


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  1. part of my intro got copyrighted and the video got blocked all together so I had to replace it with a stock song SO EXCUSE IT BEING AKWARD FOR 5 SECONDS IN THE INTRO PLSSS <3 love you thank you

  2. What was the name of the place you went to eat after the beach & in the evening. I'll be in Hawaii in 2weeks

  3. Hawaii is literally my dream travel destination and this vlog made me want to go there even more! Love the intro btw 👏🏽

  4. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor

    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos

    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo

    Sorprendente .

  5. Girl the way you pronounced Haleiwa! Lol it’s Hall-eh-ee-vuh. The W is pronounced like V

  6. At 7:51 mark, that is mochi. That version is a Filipino version as is steamed in the banana leaves.

    Both Filipino and Japanese and other countries in the Far East cultures use the sweet rice (mochiko) flour to make desserts.

    Haleiwa: hah lei E vah

    In Hawaii, we say and write shave ice in PRESENT tense.

    Enjoyed the video !

  7. Forgot to comment but this is one of the best travel vlogs I've ever watched + the editing🤩… I've watched this 4 times already.

  8. I really enjoyed your video. 🤩⭐️
    Thanks for Sharing! 🤝
    Greetings from Albania. 🇦🇱

  9. Successful people don't become that way overnight. Most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life. I have a small travelling channel. I just uploaded a new video. I’d love it, if you guys check it out.

  10. Best Hawaii Vlog I’ve ever seen !! Loved it. So excited to be going next month … just watching your video got me hyped 🌺🌈✨🌴

  11. I loved this sooo much! Your family looks like a lot of fun! I loved the beginning when your grandma was showing the spring breaker’s how to dance!

  12. This vlog and your editing, especially the intro, was so amazing Kim you should be so proud of yourself 💜

  13. my girlfriend and i were just in hawaii the same time as you and we went to some of those spots. we stayed in waikiki and it was beautiful, we absolutely fell in love with hawaii! i hope you guys had an awesome trip 🙂

  14. This is your best work. I've been waiting and waiting for this and you did not disappoint! Also your grandma is an icon 💖👑

  15. been waiting for the Hawaii vlog and i loved it as always!! it's crazy because i'm also planning a Hawaii trip and I loved seeing all of the things you did and places you visited. Loved seeing your thrift finds <3

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