The 10 BEST BEACHES in Oahu | Living in Hawaii, these are our favorites!

Aloha! This week we are showing you the best beaches in Oahu! They also happen to be our favorites for weekend adventures. There are dozens of beaches on this small island, so we hope this list can give you some ideas for your next beach adventure! What’s your favorite beach on Oahu?

Read about these 10 beaches and 4 extra on our blog:

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00:00 Best Beaches #10-5
03:56 Top 5 Beaches on Oahu
08:07 Bonus Beaches

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  1. My congratulations for your video, your explanation and editing of the video were sensational. Perfect! I got all the information about the beaches I loved 🥰 Thank you!!!

  2. Awesome video, thanks for sharing these will come in handy when visiting from the Big Island 🙂

  3. for a first timer in Oahu, where should we stay? we are looking for something not too crowded? east side, west side, etc?

  4. Excellent video again! Your #1 beach Makua is EXACTLY what I would want to find on Oahu – undeveloped & uncrowded places to escape the crowds & noise. Are there still other untouched beaches on Oahu, or more on the smaller islands? How long would it take to drive from Honolulu to Makua Beach? And how many hours would it take to drive the entire Oahu perimeter doing a 'beach tour'? Thanks & keep up the great vidz!

  5. Nice stuff. Brings back lots of memories. Oh to be young and free on the islands. Hope you guys go off island and do some there.
    Btw, one note. I'm not a fan a recommending folks go to the Makaha side. Haoles don't always do so well there. Just an observation.
    Oh, and go to Malaekehana campground. 🙂

  6. When you guys go to the beaches, do you take your phones with you in a waterproof pouch or do you leave it on the beach? What is safest in your opinion? ☺️

  7. Just 2 FYI's to this video…1) Most times when pronouncing Hawaiian place names, W is often pronounced as W-Waikiki, Waiahole, Waimea…Or as V–Hawi, Kawela, Panaewa…2) When on E side of Oahu, Mokes can refer to Mokulua(Two Islands). On the N Shore, Mokes can refer to Mokuleia, over the mountain from Makua beach….Keep those videos coming!

  8. During Covid last year, hardly anyone was at Lanikai, the water was clear, sun was out, and a bunch of sea turtles came to shore. I knew this was something I might never experience here again. Lanikai Beach is my favorite. I can't argue that Makua is right up there. This list is accurate!🤙

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