SURF WITH ME! | Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Ever wondered what Zeke is thinking while he’s surfing? In this week’s episode, Zeke shares his POV while surfing at Sunset Beach, capturing the entire session on his GoPro HERO9.


ZEKE LAU UNLEASHED: a raw and authentic vlog series showcasing Zeke’s life as a professional surfer; giving you guys an inside look at surfing around the world, his training & recovery, and what he does to get his adrenaline pumping.

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Intro Footage: COLE YAMANE |

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  1. try split screen video with your GoPro on one half and your videographer from shore (or water) on the other half of the same wave.

  2. Great vid! Good to see someone mixing it up with front and rear angles. IMO, the front POV is the money shot though.

  3. Awesome session Love it and the fact that it wasnt crowded your boy security guard wasnt really busy blocking haha Sick sesh Love all the barrel shots

  4. Hi Zeke, awesome clips!! I’m enjoying a lot your vlogs, keep on going! What was the equipment that you use today for this video? Thanks, cheers from Portugal!

  5. Hawaii for a better part of my life has been a mystery and nothing more than a picture in a magazine or picture on a internet web page but because of you and all the other Hawaii Surfers that make Hawaii SURFING YouTube videos, I'm happy to say Hawaii is now a reality and a open book so easily to be enjoyed because of guys like you making cool videos…

    I can enjoy Hawaii from afar and do all my research just from watching all the videos that you and the other Hawaiian Surfers put on YouTube which makes learning about Hawaii so much more fun and easier…

    You guys should be paid by the Hawaiian tourism department for all the content you guys are putting out about how fun Hawaii is and the cool stuff you can do there, which will inevitably help increase Hawaii tourism and fuel taxable dollars for the Hawaiian economy that will go back into Hawaii for the natives and locals…

    Thank you very much…

    I just did a little bit of research and I found out that Sunset Beach is a sand bottom beach mostly, which is the kind of beach that I like and what I'm comfortable with, so I know where I'll be surfing when I come to Hawaii…

    Until I'm ready for the next level Reef breaks there, one of these daaayyys…

  6. Love this. Really appreciated you giving insight into what you were seeing on the horizon in real time. I love these raw pov footage vlogs and that was a great touch that I haven't seen anyone else do.

  7. Great day with few people @ inside….would have loved to see board cam, drone & beach cam shots together for all perspectives…Best Zeke…ripping!!

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