Selena Gomez Gets STUNG By a Man O' War During Hawaii Vacation — Details!

ET has learned Selena was stung while on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Jan 1.


Exclusives from #ETonline :


  1. She stung by a bee, she said that in Ryan and Kelly show, she thought “stung by jellyfish” is way cooler than saying bee
    That’s so funny and precious, when she said that😍😂

  2. Im from Hawaii and growing up as a child …I was always told by my fam, friends and fellow locals….be careful of the man of war….The beach is like your backyard fun….I have never gotten stung….Ive known some who have and its horrible…
    Speedy healing!

  3. If you're suck please don't comment , try to be nice to Selena or everyone. If you don't appreciate her just turn somewhere else , if you don't like her music why don't you start doing your own music and see how much pressure these singers or song writers been out through. You will understand and stop talking shit about them.

  4. Btw they look cute together ! SELENA should date a Businessman cos they never broke heart ! ( Thank God she's not with Niall or dustbin BIEAVER )

  5. Sel don't cough on those autographs gurl! Don't wanna give your fans your germs! Some might like that Lol 😂

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