Have you ever had one of those weeks where you need your own private beach? We sure did this Sunday, so we set out to look for our own beach in Hawaii to relax. It didn’t all go as planned, but who cares. We made the best of it and found an amazing beach under some coconut trees. Oahu is such a special place with plenty of gems all over the island. You can never go wrong by just going on an adventure. #privatebeach #oahu #hawaiivlog

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 Driving to North Shore
02:40 Goat Island
04:41 Our Own Private Beach
08:33 One bloop

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  1. I’ve traveled to all the major Hawaiian islands several times, and plan to move to Oahu once my daughter goes off to college in a few yrs. I viewed some of your videos and appreciate the chill vibe that you two emanate…I just subscribed. Much of your exploration is obviously what I plan to do once I get there and get settled, so thanks for giving me the Cliff notes!

  2. What a great video. Making us tear up missing Hawaii and mini mart snacks! We always found Laie beach park to be empty when we would go out there on sundays. And gorgeous. And there’s a fish taco place down the road to eat at that’s awesome. Always glad to see your videos!!!

  3. That is a crazy crunch sound at 4:38!:) Def gonna stop by and grab a fried 🍌 next time:) Awesome drone shots! 🤙

  4. Keep up the videos. Thx from Kauai. I’ve been wanting to kayak out to China mans hat, easy to rent kayak for that?

  5. Is it doable to go to Oahu without a car? Going there in July but rental car is so expensive! Been there once few years back, we had a rental car that time. If you know where else to rent a car for just a few days. Thanks for the info. Love your videos!

  6. i don't know how i came across your videos, but i really enjoy watching them and am now a fan! i use to have a place in Kailua and it feels like Hawaii is calling me to come back! You both are introducing me to places i never knew existed when i was there! Thank you!

  7. traveling there next week – hope to run into you guys! love your channel and will def try to check out goat island!

  8. If you've ever been to Japan, the 7-11's there are amazing! Some of them have real, fresh-cooked food and the onigiri is particularly delicious! I noticed that the 7-11's in Hawaii are very similar to the ones in Japan, as they also offer much better food than any 7-11 I've seen here in California.

  9. I enjoy watching your channel. You guys are super cute. Really make miss the island, I use to live in Oahu when I was 19 for a short time. Question for you guys, where did you guys get the drone from and how do you know where is allowed to fly at? Taking my family in September and want to make it memorable. Keep up the good work guys!!

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