Recovered Home Footage: Busby Hawaii Vacation Part 1

Remember that hard drive that I lost on a plane a while back on a marketing trip to Atlanta? Our entire vacation to Hawaii from April of 2018 was on that drive. I was digging through some backup hard drives and found some of the footage, so we made a little series from that vacation that was on the Season Finale of Outdaughtered a couple seasons ago.
Video where I talked about losing the hard drive:

We are the Busbys! We are the proud parents of 6 girls. Big sister Blayke and the Only ALL GIRL QUINTUPLETS in the United States(Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige and
Parker Kate)!
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  1. You are the family everyone wants to have. Danielle and Adam are great parents. In your case, God got it right. Your kids are kind and well behaved, yet not robotic and perfect- shout out to Blayke, she's a great human being

  2. I really miss the Busby quints as toddlers. However, they are all becoming such lovely young ladies. The pre-teen and teenage years are going to be so much fun as their individual personalities blossom.

  3. I’m going to Punta Cana July 24th.. and going to Atlantic City July 4th and my sweet sixteen is July 11th. this summer is definitely repaying last summer. <3

  4. Parker and hazel are just so adorable as they all are but those two stick out to me. God bless this family and the little joys they bring to people

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