1. Everything will come to light eventually. I've been seeing blinking light UFO "ships" in the sky for 4 years already. Who knows…

  2. Do we know any religions that worship Cubes on Earth? Why would they Warship a/or The Cube?

    How many sides does a cube have? What is a cube after its been opened up? What is the New Jerusalem decending described as being? These are some of the Questions I would appreciate any help in understanding. Thank you.

  3. Aloha Gina, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot had this on her Telegram account which featured your video. Mahalo nui loa for all that you do! Aloha!



    Observatory Blackout in Hawaii

    The Telescope in Hawaii is showing "total blackout" for approximately the past 12 hours . Lets document and by visiting this site virtually.

  4. You should look for the podcast ,Final Days ,to see what she found !!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. your on point gina girl ! strange days we live in, somthing BIG is on the horizon i just feel it. i believe the sun is a portal. ships all over. they cut the soho feed imo. Rob UK.

  6. I so happens a channeling said they are destroying the soul recycling machine to destroy it they moved it from the moon to the sun to be destroyed. The light the galactic good guys won yes I have been rejoice mode for a while

  7. The Huge Planet behind the sun is what is known in ancient sumerian text and imagery as Nibiru, the water planet. It is Marduk. Will cause Earth's destruction, soon.

  8. My Father in Heaven says that Agramamu is here! The Twin. When God created, He created two. One Good, One Evil. "As in the days of Noah, so too shall be in the days of the Son of Man."

  9. Oh sht! The sixth sun is about to happen. Get into the mountains and bring six months of food and we'll have to start over again

  10. I saw this and then saw this video which is from a channel I follow. A few minutes in he mentions that telescope and I cannot believe it is just a coincidence.

  11. They are hiding the planet Nibiru aka Planet X, aka The Destroyer etc. Its been in our solar system since 2003 and has finally begun to become more visible to us now that it has come farther away from the sun. They limit the view of most telescopes. They are all controlled by the elite who have hidden its presence from us and will until the day it passes Earth causing a pole flip. 90% of humanity will die as a result of not knowing about it to take cover. The moon is a ship. They nuked it because they suspected that it was hollow and it rang "like a bell". It is not natural to Earth being too big for a true moon to stay in our orbit. This morning the sun rose a little more than the South Eastern side of my house. The planet is wobbling due to the magnetic pull of Nibiru which is 5 x larger than Earth.

  12. There are huge planets that are in the suns gravity well. Its when they leave the gravity well we have to be concerned.

  13. BLACKOUT Because My Indigenous People Are Being Awakened❣🙌🤗🙌❣ PRAISE RWA, GAIA AND THE CREATOR TO THE WORRIORS OF GAIA❣🙏🌞🙏❣

  14. Not ufos it’s the Nephlium read Genesis chapter 6. End times are near. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior

  15. I am a native of Hawaii, specifically O’ahu island. I agree with you about this blackout. Looks like by design. They deliberately blacked it out, using “the blizzard” as an excuse. Yes we had a mini Hurricane from Friday that lasted until Tuesday afternoon. I been to Mauna Kea during the standoff with 30 Meter Telescopes in August of 2019.

    It should not be completely blacked out despite the blizzard. VERY SUSPECT. Ancient Hawaiians believe that Mauna Kea is a portal to another dimension, and that’s probably why they wanted to put up ANOTHER telescope, and FOR WHAT?! To usher in “dark matter”?? They are cutting out the portal opening to another dimension. Who knows what’s incoming??? Probably nothing good for the Human Race that’s for sure.

    Mahalo for covering this and bringing it to awareness! Much Aloha to you.

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