OAHU HAWAII VACATION PT 1 | Honolulu, Waikiki, Kualoa Ranch + More

Hello friends! I went to Oahu, Hawaii for the first time in December and I had such an amazing time! I stayed at a condo in Waikiki and it was great. We went to so many beaches, ate great food, and had a really fun time. I cannot wait to go back!

This video includes Honolulu, Waikiki, North Shore, scenic lookouts, botanical gardens, beaches, Kualoa Ranch, and more. The second part of this video will be posted soon 🙂

Link to Book ATVs/UTVs at Kualoa Ranch:



  1. You wanna learn about the real hawai'i no 'white wash' I suggest reading 'Hawai'is story' by hawai'is queen liliuokalani and check out Haunani K Trask on YouTube and books she was a activist with a soul and fierceness of a lioness she won't disappoint she let's it all hang about all the injustice america did to hawaiians. Aloha 🤙🏾

  2. I love this video thank you for sharing I’m supposed to go there in July for my birthday new subbie too ❤️❤️

  3. this was such a cute video of your stay in Hawaii! I'm going towards the middle of April and excited to visit some of the places you showed!

  4. you all went at a good time, with little tourists present at the spots you went to…very good opportunites you had for pics which you took…without other people in the shot ! In the beginning you said the past tense of shave (shaved) ice, but I believe I heard it towards the end that you corrected yourself and pronounced it correct in the present tense. So rememba…pronounce and spell it in the present tense, NOT the past tense anytime you here in Hawaii.. On the island of Hawaii, the local people there invert it and pronounce it as 'ice shave'… Back in 2010, my brother and I took our 16 year old sons to Kualoa Ranch for their birthday present to do a 2 hour atv ride…THAT was great…the type your tour guide used…next time, try and get that ride…even better than the UTV ride you all three were riding on… !

  5. This was a gret great Hawaii Vlog! Oahu is 1 of 3 places Im deciding on for my birthday in July. And im such a beach babe, so to see yall hit up some many made me happy. I felt you when you were talking about who far out you can go in the water, cuz you cant swim. Same sis! Im always trying to get a quick measure. that's why I can't mess with Lakes lol

  6. I can't wait to go there next year. We are staying in Oahu and Kaui this will be my first time here.. how is the protocol for Covid? I am jelly you are there…

  7. I lived on Oahu 6 years moved away 2001 went back to October ago I probably shouldn't say this but Waikiki has gone to the dark side it has changed so much my short trip seemed like a bad dream too many ice addicts took over police won't let you sleep anywhere like they used to in the olden days had a rough time if I needed any more signs I wasn't supposed to be there I would have had to been very dense so I came back to soldotna Alaska where I have two little granddaughters thanks everyone I'm just keeping it real I know sometimes I can be Debbie Downer hahaha?

  8. Kudos Nia! My wife and I have been going to Hawaii for 23 years, (sometimes twice a year) and when I miss Oahu, I'll watch YouTube travel videos. Tourists usually don't even leave Honolulu, maybe just to go to a Luau. By now, we've got close friends who are locals, and who call us locals or "Kamaiina," but you have done many things that most 1st time tourists often don't. You've shown parts of the island that only locals go, and many places that all tourists should see to really appreciate Oahu. I'm looking forward to your part 2, you've got me missing my 2nd home.

  9. Hello my friend new neighbors here lol. I love Hawaii my friend. I hope I can comback there soon. Love your videos very nice shots… take care my friend..

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