Oahu Hawaii Best Beaches

Today We’ll take a look at the best beaches and Oahu best shore lines captured with drone Phantom 4 Pro… Let me know in the description section if you want to take a look closely at one of those places…
Enjoy and Stay Tuned For more…

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  1. I considered Waimanalo Beach the best beach in 1947. I hope that it hasn't change much over the decades. I would imagine that it is more crowded by at least ten fold. I live in the hill country of Texas now.

  2. ABSOLUTELY A MUST SEE if you're on the island, Oahu's Botanical gardens – it's absolutely amazing AND worth the trip EVERY TIME! Check out everything you need to know before exploring the botanical gardens of Oahu! http://bit.ly/30fO5lp 🚶🏼‍♂️🌺🌻🌷🌲👀

  3. I was so blessed to be able to go swimming in oahus water it was breathtakeing and I didnt even go scuba diving I was just in the surf in the breakwaters and such you could float so easy and it was quite warm somehing ill probably neverdo again

  4. I can watch this video over and over again!😍 beautiful footage and great quality…and the song makes it even better!

  5. Wow, absolutely breathtaking! My husband and I were there 2 years ago and coming back next month. Love Ko Olina beach park and all the little food stands up on the North Shore.

  6. Hey TAPP Channel: great video and editing. Was wondering if you can tell me which Title Effect do you use for the titles on the left lower corner which flies in and then later dissolves. I am using FCPX. Is this avail on there, plugging or is only avail on Adobe Premier? I have search the web far and wide for that specific text effect. I first saw it in Armin Van Bureen's "Vice Versa" video. Thanks in advance

  7. When I was a kid, we camped at Hanauma Bay, right on the beach. Now, no can. In fact, you gotta pay to go there. I still remember guy's catching huge fish out at the point of Hanauma Bay on the left side. This was in the 70's.

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