My Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii vacation travel vlog thing!

Something different from the usual green screen thing but I wanted to shoot something while in Hawaii. Will maybe make more live action stuff in the future.

Hawaii vlog hawaii trip hawaii short film can I just throw stuff randomly to help with se o

going to the store

Family Friendly


  1. Lol saw this from Phil's secret link of the day.
    Entering; the looks/reactions of those peoples where the best.
    Best of luck with your future content.

  2. Do you have problems if you go to a patrolled beach? I feel like all the flailing would bring you a lot of lifeguard attention.

  3. Nice. Thank you for giving me a great laugh and I wish I could comport myself with even half the amount of dignity you managed to achieve on your trip abroad.

  4. Does this guy work down by the Car dealership? You know those tall skinny guys that stand around arms flapping in the wind??? looks like he enjoyed himself…?

  5. I wish that I had even a modicum of the ease he carries himself with! It speaks to athletic prowess, a conjured image of muscles like that of the panther! Oh, if only I had even but a dot of his easy-grace in body, how graceful in movement I could be, too! If only…


    If Will Barker tries to sell you pictures of Albert Einstein's butthole
    I am pretty sure these are just pictures of his own butthole that he sold me.

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