More tourists equals more garbage on Hawaii beaches

The pandemic forced Hawaii and the world to shut down. For nearly nine months people were encouraged to stay home and few traveled to the islands. Though that devastated the economy it had the opposite effect on our environment. Now that the lockdown is lifted, many say they’ve seen an increase in trash along our beaches and shorelines again.


  1. i have been cleaning the bottom of every water venue I go to, I would like to join this org

  2. Humans can be absolutely disgusting. The opala they create & leave behind is a crime! They just don't seem to care about what damage they are causing to the environment through their actions. Filthy pigs!

  3. Pssh. Guaranteed it’s a more than a few locals who contribute to this as well smh 😓😓😞👎🏼 Dum asses

  4. Wether it is the storm-drainage or ships pushing off trash, we can also see more garbages littered on the sidewalks/streets of all Hawaiian islands due to rise in tourists. It doesn't matter which countries — Asia, Europes, South America or from the mainland that the tourists may come from, they should all read/watch this video and understand how to refrained from littering and causing more negative environmental impact on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Because, if they can make Travel Restriction due to pandemic as we have seen, they can also do similar for the sake of protecting the island to a certain arguable degree. And We don't want that to happen.

  5. So tourist are coming sometimes 7-8 thousand miles and spending thousands of dollars and buying used cars, appliances and furniture. Then abandoning it out in the countryside and along city streets, just for fun. Yeah, right.

  6. Yes we got rid of straws and plastic bags now we're invaded by used mask🤭🤔

  7. More opportunities to employee Hawaii people. Think business opportunity. And, for your information, during this Pandemic the beaches were still dirty. Hawaiian style, pick up all your trash when you leave the beach 🏖️

  8. Tourists do add to the problem, but my family would do beach cleanups over last summer when tourism was shut down, at locations where tourists don't frequent, and it was embarrassing. Everyone has the responsibility and accountability to clean up after themselves and to point at tourists as the problem fails to holds everyone else on the island accountable. Fishing lines at Tracks or Pu'uloa, food containers up the Westside, etc. That is not the tourists doing that

  9. I was in South Florida not too long ago. It looks like a dystopian version of what the islands could look like if this keeps up. It was so gross it shook me up. Would love to see Hawaii raise the bar on littering laws even more and make people SCARED to leave trash behind. That statement shouldn't bother anyone who acts like an adult and cleans up after themselves.

  10. If covid was a real threat….there would be biohazard refuse for old ppe in every town.

  11. Good story, single use plastics are so bad for the environment! If you must use them recycle! Picking up any trash you see is a great example to teach our children. Adopt the thought of leaving areas you visit better than you found it.

  12. It's like a Giant Ashtray on the Streets,sidewalks and Curbways,Churches,businesses,apartment complex buildings,etc. The Spirit of the Island atmosphere is ruined because of the Litterbugs.

  13. I pick up trash when I go to the beach and also grab what I see floating in the water, most of what I find are, snack bags, bottle caps and random plastic pieces. I’de say the snack packs and bottle caps are left by tourist for sure. I also see trash cans at beach parks overfilled which can be fixed by the county parks department. Just imagine though, all the tourists staying in condos and hotels right on the beach shit once or twice a day, there are cesspools beneath hotels that are more dangerous than trash.

  14. If you go to the river or ocean and leave you shite there, you deserve to be drowned it set places.

  15. When we talk about the garbage along the shoreline, are we referring to the tourists or the litters left behind by the tourists?

  16. The stuff that washes up on the Windward Side is wild. My brother had a couple of these huge rope hawsers hung up on his wall and when I "inherited" his bedroom I put surfing pictures from magazines in the loops. I found huge fish spines like WTF fish they came from? I still don't know. Glass floats, salps, giant tar balls, all kinds'a stuff.

  17. They pulling rubbish out of the ala wai and said it’s from boaters pushing it off into the water! Isn’t the ala wai the last body of water the flows into the ocean? Some of the urban storm drains in Honolulu streets run into drains and valleys that leads to the ala wai and it’s years and years of rubbish not only current rubbish. It’s not just tourist it’s everyone who lives and visit the islands past and present!

  18. There should be some kind of limits as to how many nonresidents can visit at one time. Our landfills are full. We have no room for extra garbage.

  19. Yes Hawaii depends on tourist and I have no problem with them because when I travel, I'm a tourist? But it's when they disrespect the laws and the land, that's what upsets me?!!

  20. Valid points on all sides and few issues are black and white. Yes, more garbage of the non-biodegradable sort, including single use plastics, will inevitably be deposited on Hawaii's beaches. But tourism is absolutely necessary for the economy. Locals for the most part, who go fishing or crabbing at Ala Moana, for example, tend to clean up after themselves.

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