Michael and Lily go to Hawaii [Part 1]

Better late than never . . .
Part 2 will come a lot quicker I promise

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Day 1
3:00 House of the ReEves
3:22 Day 2
5:08 Hotel Journey
7:23 Day 3
8:42 ZipLine
10:08 MonkaS


  1. this is kinda trippy for me, i've only been to Hawai'i twice (maui) and every other place they go i've been to (down to the bathroom lily was hiding by)

    …also realizing islands are small

  2. Fun Fact: Even though 7-11 Hawaii is part of the rest of the North American 7-11 chain, it's POS software is running 10 years behind the main land. This was done to ensure stability because it cost a ton to ship replacement POS hardware to Hawaii. This may change soon as 7-11 is slowly converting to a cloud based POS.

  3. Random Chickens everywhere. Meanwhile in Philippines, Chickens gonna chase you hahaha!
    Michael throwing a money on a duck HAHA!

  4. You two always remind me of my aunt and uncle where my uncle always scares my aunt doing some crazy shit just like Michael did to you in day 1

  5. I can feel Lily
    Trying to get up on the morning but you either get up too fast or your too tired and your muscles give up and then you flop back into the bed into the warm wonderful comfort of the blankets

  6. 4:28
    Fishes actually is a word (it references to different type of fish swimming together in the same area). 🙂
    Que The More You Know music

  7. I love how only people who have been to Hawaii know about the unexpectedly large amount of chickens there

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