Maui Hawaii Resorts on the Kaanapali Beach Walk COVID Travel Update

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  1. We are owners at The Whaler. That is our running path every morning. Ahhhh! I can!t wait to go back in August. Be sure to bring kitty treats if you are a cat lover.

  2. Just got back from Maui, stayed at the Royal Lahaina in a cottage (actually one that is in your video), it is a great place, good value.

  3. Just ended our stay at the Westin. I walked from the public park in the first part of your video all the way to the back part of Black Rock. Couldn't find the walk around to get to the other side though. Thanks to your video, I know know! I'll try again when we return next year. Thanks for all the great info.

  4. Love this video. First trip to Maui i stayed at K. Ocean Inn. Second i was next to the pink hotel 🏩 at beginning.

  5. Thank you for posting this. This is a nugget that I will hold on to. Good information! I’ll call if I win the lotto!

    Thumbs up if you liked this video. 😀

  6. Glad to hear all your positive comments on the Eldorado. After staying there for 27 years, I finally bought a unit. I close on a one bedroom next month.

  7. Kaanapali beach was a big portion of my childhood. I remember the most is the ice cream stand between Kaanalpali Alii and the Marriott

  8. Horrible video quality Eric! Don't know if it was your recording or my streaming speed. Says 720p but was about 360p quality. Oh…I just heard you say it's LIVE, that must be why. THANKS though: VERY HELPFUL. We're staying at KBH in May/Jun and at Grand Wailea in November!! These will be our 9th, 10th trips to Maui!!

  9. Awesome tour! We are traveling to Maui for the first time this June. Staying at the Hanua Kai. We're excited and a little nervous, hoping everything will be open! Would LOVE to hear more updates if possible. Thanks so much!!

  10. Loved this video! I was there with my husband 3 times and stayed at the Hyatt! Walked to black rock several times. My daughter and I are returning in September and we are staying at Honua Kai, can’t wait to see that part of Kaanapali. I look forward to your video updates for travelers!! Mahalo 🙂

  11. again after mentioning fine dining, you might want to tell da folks about Whaler Village quick eats in da downstairs, pizza/burgers/tacos IIRC. saved a bit on eating with two hungry teenagers when we were last there(before grandkeikis!) Love you mellow tours. More! More!

  12. Does anyone else remember that in front of the Hula Grill the bar had a pool surrounded by tables? This was around 1992/93? Next time we went it was filled in and the Hula Grill was renovated to a more upscale establishment. So ask a newbie at the bar where the pool is!

  13. Great video.. i stayed at the royal Lahaina. Since we stayed at the royal Kona before they upgraded us to a cottage that backed onto the golf course . 5 stars I had the best time.. best morning buffet and beach spot. I will be back…

  14. Hi again We just learned something interesting. We are trying to come to Maui on Tuesday. Trying to download the AlohaSafe Alert app. Old I phones will not allow the necessary update to enable the download to happen!! Any ideas

  15. Hi Eric. Discovered your videos today. Awesome! We are headed to Maui in August from Philly. Would love to ask some questions that aren’t answered on your vids. We’re going to do tours and rent boards from 808. Thanks for these!

  16. Dukes! 👍🏾 Stayed at the Honua Kai in January. Walked the same path each morning. LOVED IT! Can’t wait to return.

  17. Love what you are doing here. Top notch professional! We are here in Maui now and will walk some of this “river walk” this week. Thanks.

  18. My wife and I just love Kahekili Beach Park and have been down that beach path many times admiring the expensive homes that we could never afford to have but it is always enjoyable seeing how the 1% lives and hopefully they worked smart and hard to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
    Great beach also close to the Farmers Market which is great for fresh fruit such as Pineapple, Banana Bread , etc.
    It used to be called Airport Beach because it was a landing strip and small airport along time ago.
    Can't wait to get back in September as we stay at the Marriott Maui Ocean Club which is close by. The walk from the Marriott to the Black Rock is phenomenal and if you are going out to dinner the Hula Grill is an Awesome view and very nice dinner plus drinks.

  19. Erick can you do a special on the Maui Royal Lahaina please if you are out and about sometime for me and others? Thanks brother mahalo’ maui NoKAOi’

  20. We are re watching this video from two months ago! On our big screen and we are loving it Erick thanks for the great videos! So much fun you big kid! LOL one wheel is so cool!

  21. Im excited about walks and hiking. Plan to do a lot of that when my daughter and I get to Maui. Need to loose a few pounds from being stuck inside so much in Cold Rainy WA. Thanks for the info😀

  22. Thank you for this beach walk all the way to the Hyatt Residency. I grew up on Maui but haven't been back since '85. We used to go to the beach south of Black Rock. Some of my family worked at Royal Lahaina and other restaurants (The Wet Noodle on the golf course). My father designed the swan pond and another smaller pond at the Hyatt Regency in the early 80s. Seeing it brought tears to my eyes (he's been gone since '06) and so many memories of swimming under the waterfall, playing on the beach. Good times brah. Mahalo and Aloha for raising awareness for my West Maui ohana and the food line. I used to go to the Baptist Church that was distributing food and lived on Ilikahi St. The people at that little church were living out true love in the community back then too. So grateful for the aloha spirit. Maui No Ka Oi.

  23. I will never see it again. I only wish that every sentient being could visit the islands at least once. Everyone deserves to see this incredible part of planet Gaia.

  24. We'll be in Maui for our first time at the end of the week and are so excited! Booked a few excursions and looking forward to supporting the island reopening. Your videos have been so informative. Thank you!!!

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