This is by far the best beach in Kauai! This secret Hawaii beach is called Tunnels Beach. Tunnels Beach Kauai snorkeling is by far the best on the island! Watch our Kauai travel guide Hawaii style of the north shore of Kauai! Kauai Tunnels beach is the best for snorkeling in Kauai! Some of Kauai best beaches are on the north shore in Kauai Hawaii. Jared and Britt Bingham from the Bingham family are discovering the best beaches in Kauai Hawaii!





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  1. Hey fam! This is the famous Tunnels Beach on the north shore of Kauai! If you guys ever travel to Kauai we highly recommend visiting this beach, it is SO beautiful and the drive up there is insanely scenic! Hope you all enjoy, have a great weekend!

  2. great video.. those mountains you guys were looking at in Hanalei, there are 3 of them. My three children are named after them

  3. Tunnels and Ke'e beach are two of my favorite beaches in Kauai. I know you need a parking pass now for Ke'e, did you need to get one for Tunnels?
    Hanalei is one of my favorite towns on the north shore, no wonder Puff the Magic dragon likes to live by the sea and frolic in the autumn mist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPCh7P4F4Y

  4. Wow? Kauai is so beautiful! Your drone footage is amazing Jared! Thanks for sharing such an amazing birthday holiday with us!

  5. That is so funny you say that, I hate working out but I have been exercising for 9 straight days to this guy Deeon Bloom Young program. I dont feel like im working out during it but when Im done I know I got a good workout. It’s the first program I have enjoyed and stuck wirh. Only 9 days but that’s huge for me!! You said exactly what I have been thinking!!

  6. Please include & promote the new Ha'ena visitor Restrictions — that they'll need to book in advance parking permits &/or shuttle services, as well as the individual fees to access the state park area — as it pertains to the ENTIRE area passed Hanalei, not just Ke'e/Nā Pali, because we're trying to deter too many unnecessary vehicles in that already small & congested area.

    Mahaloz 🤙🏽

  7. This has to be one of the best scenic views ever. Absolutely a fantastic job. I’m watching and thinking breath taking.
    You two are incredible and enjoy watching your videos/drone shots so very much. Loved the ending…right out of the Jared and Britt vacation movie!j

  8. I admire your dedication to working out Britt. That's why you are so slim! Why didn't you show us the turtles and what's in the stores? 😊

  9. Hi guys.. Wow.. the drone footage was so gorgeous so funny you were working out on full speed had me in pleats of laughing.. Just come TIHWB channel and before that was Dan and Chelle.. The church was beautiful and it is my fave colour green too.. the colour of the sea is gorgeous.. and the sand looks nice and soft.. i love the sound of birds i can hear them in the background under the music.. i would love to live there it's so beautful.. the food looks scrummy i have just had chicken with rice and mixed vegetables.. anyway guys thanks for another great vlog, stay safe, love from Linda in the UK.

  10. Who else likes before watching because you know it's going to be epic?! 🙋‍♂️That drone footage tho! 🤤

  11. Happy Friday Jared, Britt & Finley!!!
    Oh boy do I wish workouts could be that fast in real time!!! (Snort)
    Tunnels Beach and the green church were beautiful!!!
    Some amazing drone footage in the Vlog today Jared!!!
    Hope you all have a great weekend too my Utah friends.

  12. So happy you made it to Hanalei! We have always stayed in this area and absolutely love it. Like a piece of old Hawaii. Still so untouched by to much growth and tourism. Your vlogs make me want to go back. Beautiful job capturing the true essence Jared and Britt!

  13. My grandparents got married in that church and we go to ching young village all the time for chilli pepper chicken.

  14. Such a beautiful place. The sunset was so beautiful. Your drive and the mountains were incredible Thanks for sharing

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