1. What an ungrateful ‘state’. I’d be fine if we kicked them out of the United States since they hate us here on the mainland, yet count on us for money and protection

  2. Lol well I can tell you from experience she’s never worked 80 to 100 hours a week for 20 years. I could sit and stare at the ocean and the mountains for the rest of my life and do nothing.

  3. I lived on Oahu for 2 years and just got back to the mainland. Sometimes I miss the beach and beautiful sunsets but man I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to even visit.

  4. What is it about white people always trying to evade other people's space if you're not welcomed respect that you are not one of them bet you she wishes she can roll in there with tanks

  5. It’s Ni’ihau (Knee e how) what she says about Moloka’i is kinda true. You can build, and buy a home, but respect the culture you will be run off the island ask McAfee 🤣

  6. "Achievers" Sadly paint themselves into a corner and become prisoners of the lie that "your worth as a person is based on your productivity" True Worth comes from what Jesus says you are. Then you have perfect peace no matter where you are…
    Best Starwars line… " There are many types of prisons, I suspect you carry yours where ever you go."

  7. Big Island is soooo boring but Joe Hawai'i isn't pronounced the way you did 🙂 we are all offended now 🙂 more like HUH-WA-EE

  8. they have lost their culture and everything has become Americanised and expensive so the indigenous people are lost and angry and the drugs and the booze don't help the situation.
    there you go short to the point and hopefully no one is offended.

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