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  1. The last few words … I understand what you are saying from a creative's pov. The sentiment of creating work that comes from the heart from idea to concept to release – the connection that creates fulfillment inside, but when released to the world there is a gap between the quick turn around content, and this work of art in which one invests such precious time and energy. I think hearing you say this helps me see this "creative" struggle as one that is shared. You are not alone. Take heart. Although frustrating, this too will help us creative souls to ground our balance and fulfillment and best quality of work in a fashion that impacts others for good, while staying true to our calling and soul purpose💞. Community ohana 🤙🏾 Peace 🐳 Faith ⚡️

  2. Bro I've been here since day one buddie your still a cool ass dude bro at least you got one solid I have your back and your stories.
    I was a little booty hurt about leaving Jamie.
    But man it's your life and I got you bro for sure.
    Keep up the hard work NEVER GIVE UP YEWWWW🤙🤙

  3. Jack off.. I wanted to let you in on another fun attempt at messing with new JOB' filmer.. I'm not sure if I pulled it off the first time, so i asked nathan florence to deliver a special message… I owe it to you to join in on the potential funny if a single comment to each of you pulled it off

  4. It sounds to me like you aren't really broke. My advice to you is to treat your Vblog like your day job, if it's sustaining you financially. Then, in your free time, work on videos that you are passionate about. The indie film industry in Hawaii has yet to take off fully, but I'm sure that you could produce something that could be entered into the Hawaii international film festival or some other local film festival. Perhaps now when you're physically unable to surf, maybe use that free time to start working on the narrative for your project, or reaching out to other local talent that you can collaborate with.

  5. Same here! First nice swell yada, yada, yada got something on my knee that makes me stay outta water….! Get better, bro!

  6. Yeah, there's just too much content out there and people are starting to turn away. Everyone is a creator today. This looks like a gravy knock off.

  7. I was about to Paypal or donate lmao but wrong broke. Was gunna say your Jaimie’s cameramen I know you make good money. Hope you have a fast a healthy recovery brother many blessings ❤️❤️

  8. It doesn’t matter how many views, how much money and how many comments you receive if your not happy then something needs to change. Let the passion in your heart take you down the path of creativity that will bring you all the things that vlogging does now plus improved purpose in life. That I believe is what you feel is missing in the vlog’s, “PURPOSE”
    Your new T-shirt Says it all

  9. Vibes so good and such a great time on E side you don't want to pull out the camera ?
    Real aloha ….. hmmmmmm

  10. Dude stay off of it for a few days and perhaps it will start to heal! Hell at least put a bandage or boot on it and you’ll be back in action by Christmas!

  11. Leaving JOB was lame move. A steady route is best route. You should look at other income streams. Apparel or photog training. Surf films are a niche. Kai Neville did it. You can too with right content.

  12. You're absolutely right, Jackson. The way I see it is: you got to major "products". One, you're passionate about it but does not give you the return you would like. The other, is the opposite.
    In many fields we're facing this – quick turnaround/"fast" content; or just doing things to keep the income.
    As a few comments below – continue wit the vlogs, even though this is not your passion. THey will continue to offer the base and allow you to create amazing content (SUPER cool videos/films).
    By doing so, you continue to build your amazing portfolio.
    Continue the work.
    Don't give you.
    Your future is bright.

  13. Don't over think it, you're in Hawaii brah!! As long as you're working and improving your skills doors will open!! Hey, if you have a bad month or two just hit JOB up for some Benjamins!!

  14. I think if you’re working on a long format project use the Vlog to “plug it” with quick behind the scenes check ins and updates. And then when that project is ready for release make it a huge event via the vlog.

  15. I feel you brother. Keep pressing on. I am a creator too and I have been laid up in bed with nerve pain and cant leave my bed. It is the middle of Vlogmass and I'm missing the heart of the high ad rate season. Hope you get Better Jackson, great editing and production as always.

  16. Make it a work of art, check out Van Neistat. And you sort of answered your own question, regarding the internet, make your money with YouTube, satisfy your soul with long form stuff funded by YouTube. I started a very successful disruptive real estate business. It's definitely not my passion, but it's made me a very comfortable living. I spend that money on my passion, I come from a background of being a musician, was in an old New York City punk band called cause for alarm. I'm a surfer, skier and skater, that's what I love! Along with traveling to places to do that. For what it's worth, I get tired of the mundane YouTube vlogs, I only occasionally check in when one pops up. The ones that keep my attention, are the ones by people like you that actually put a lot of effort and soul into the projects.

  17. it seems like a decent sprain to me.. wrap it tight with an ace bandage lol.. and stay off it as much as possible, it will heal faster….put ur seatbelt on too wow !……?

  18. Honestly social media is a lot different these days mainly because people don’t watch your videos because there attention spam. Plus because there is a ton of other YouTubers out there like you who film the similar content. I’m not trying to disrespect you or anything, you are my favorite! Don’t stop doing what you love it will pay off..

  19. Im going to pitch in as a self made hobo who was once in a situation that was precarious now as a grown adult likely facing the death of parents. You can't have shame. I want to see you eating from the dumpster. Avoid the guilt, act like Jesus in Golgotha with your sickos buddies looking for free pizza and food from the garbage. Thats how I ate with tons of money in myself, growing money and evaluating the concept of time and money. You can't spend money today you took time to earn. You need to sit on money. Reevaluate the things you need and sacrifice all costs. from phones subscriptions to your you have an idea what is in and what is out money. Take your sweet time looking for free food, not from missions, or churches, but from restaurants, malls, strip malls, Starbucks pizza, Chinese there is a lot of waste, consume waste become pig popcorn from movie theater, the whole bag from the garbage, drink the left behind soda, too, ignore the concept of shame… Last and finally, remember about shame, you can't have shame and the concept of time and money must be so large you become judas or value change, over spending it, and start hoarding it in a positive way. Also, grow, grow stuff, grab a machete, go into public land with several roots, yuca cassava, sweet potato, yam, from the local supermarket, chop some up, into chunks 1 inch by 1 inch disk with the flesh and bury them on your path, bring a machete, mark your territory and also a small, tiny gardening shovel, not too deep, once roots or all these types of starchy potatoes are ready get them all out, make sure they dont see you do this on public land and try not to fall in some cave cavern or end up in the middle of a human eating ceremony dont make a garden in your house, walk deep into the jungle and do this, grab coconuts from the jungle and make coconut oil and coconut milk, just go deep in that jungle and look for food, sit on the clock and watch the jungle feed you . There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to money and the first step is not spending it, rather utilizing all of your environment even asking for food if you got too to save a couple dollars. If I in close to 12 years made a fortune, without stealing, without begging for money, from my own style of debauchery, you can do it too. Just put some strong rules and say NO to yourself strongly and you'll live in harmony with what you developed for yourself. Get dirty, fill up that fridge with food from the dumpster, fruits veggies old pizza, old Chinese food, Starbucks food pastry, anything thrown out that is safe to eat, and take advantage of your environment like a red pilled person in the matrix. Oahu is one of the hardest places to live, I would not waste my time, fishing, unless your remote, and got a buyer that pity's you and wants to give you more and even then, the hard work in the sun will start to take its toll. Start looking for sand fleas, or the animals that hide in the sand when the waves come, fill up half a bucket of that or get a round 20ft net, the ones for bait, and wake up early looking for live bait for larger fish, you gotta wake up early for all these oceanic things. The fleas get the larger fishes same as the live bait or the small schools of fish in shallow waters. mahalos. dont forget, make a solid farm, all the starchy roots possible, each and every one, im guessing a basket or a sack a machete, a small spoon style shovel and just start leaving your mark away from your house. Away from it make sure sun and rain all that perfect stuff is right an angle, not on flat, so you dig deep in the mountain wall not on the flat or where its soft, on an angle. . Come back, after months go by these large leafy stems your height hide valuable styles of potatoes, and you got roots to eat, and just save money. Figure it out. Build a coop for eggs, a cheap coup and keep chickens, to make eggs fight your friends for 1 egg. etc. Feed those chickens, thrown out Chinese food from the food court. Dont have shame and wait late night and fill yourself up for free. For water, you'll need at least 3 million gallon pails near the rooftop of your house, the large ones, with mosquito nets, so that it sorta filters the crud from the roof, then that same water in gallons are your shower and your drinking water. At least 3, for flushing the house toilets cooking and cleaning. The garbage style drums that are round and plastic are what you need to hoard drinking water. Once that rainy season hits fill em up those 3 pails will help you immensely and start hoarding and cleaning milk gallons large VINEGAR, CORN OIL plastic drums, the rear of the Chinese restaurant should have everything you need. Clean everything well, for clean water to drink and shower. You gotta find the 55 drum pails made of plastic, well cleaned and bleach and properly covered so some type of cloth filters the rain water, as you collect your life, to heat water, the same gallon of milk in the sun for a whole day is enough for a good shower,, you gotta find that drum, the same way you look for thrown out trash that is your gold. that thin cloth on that drum to put near the roof of your house to grab water from the roof from there you you bring inside to clean everything the second and third pail are for everything else you might need. Once you got 150-200 gallons you could cut the water from the house if there is ANY because most of these rural zones aint got any pipe.

  20. Stop selling yourself to kooks on the internet. Get a job and surf like everyone else. U have the talent to make high quality stuff that is good for surfing. There is already too many JOB and gravy copy and paste channels.

  21. And this is why you don't do STUPID things like the trampoline. AND totally NOT appropriate for the waters of Hawaii. You make tourists look bad.

  22. Dont put yourself in a box. As humans we like to labels or catagorizing things but artist are meant to break them.

  23. I sprained my ankle about a year ago and was out for 2-3 months. Sprains can be no joke don’t try to rush back too fast and risk re-injury. If you still can’t walk on it after a few days might be looking at a longer recovery than a week

  24. Hang in there . The videos you make are awesome and i like just listening to you talk. in my eyes you are living the dream you just have to figure out how to get paid for it LOL. You have a gift dont give up. i agree with you on the view issue it blows my mind some of the stupidest things get a million views makes no sense. You have the skills you just need the break it will come. keep the videos coming.

  25. A "hardcore" surfer would get out the duct tape, wrap it up and get in the water (just teasing) if it was broke, you'd know it….

  26. OK. Now that we've gotten all the back patting in the comments section out of the way, we can dive into real life advice.

    When Red Bull pays for an all-expenses-paid trip to cover their event, it's not so you can just show up late and sit on the beach with the other who's-who. You're making poor life choices. Seize the bull by the horns (Literally). Lots of people making videos, and there are limited spots for the high-draw long form films. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to show that you're serious.

    As to what you're doing now, you have awesome editing skills, but your content is just another kid bumming around in Hawaii. It comes off as lazy, bored, and just putting out videos to meet the minimum. The good news is that you're way, way better than that. I've seen it. Push through the slump, and do the hard work. You're young, and have the potential to do amazing things in the industry you want to work in.

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