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  1. Colleen: “we lost Kory, we need to find Kory”
    Me: I bet he’s busy getting “Lei’d” by the Hawaiian locals.

  2. 2021 here and I looked at them at the airport without masks and I was freaking out but then realized this was pre pandemic.

  3. Not that anyone cares but, If i ever get bored, i watch this video series. They are my comfort videos. I have watched it more than 100 times

  4. When we go to Hawaii we always go to the restaurant duo there it so good and IV always wanted to stay there how much is it per night

  5. “That’s what my mother always says.”
    “No! I have never said that.”
    Colleen and Kory are going to give Gwen a heart attack one day 😂

  6. Erik and Duncan and Flynn were so cute doing that thing together and I feel like Jacob is like a mini Erik for some reason. When I watched Jacob and Erik behind Colleen just chatting, they seemed rlly similar for some reason even tho they aren’t related.

  7. I’m going to Hawaii in a few months!! I’m so excited cuz I live in Texas and our beaches SUCK and I have never left texas before so I’m STOKED!

  8. March, 2021 here
    Watching this with soo much envy. And not for the location… Going anywhere with people around. Oh my God. Anyone who relates? The furthest I have beeein a year is an hour and a half away by a lake, camping..

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