HOW WE BOUGHT A HOME IN HAWAII || Our experience! *Vlogmas Day 6* [Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii]

ALOHA🌺 We bought our very first home in Hawaii, more specifically in Honolulu of the island of Oahu! We take you through our experience and how we bought a home in our home town!
We are a local born and raised couple from Honolulu on Oahu, Hawaii!



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We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
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HOW WE BOUGHT A HOME IN HAWAII || Our experience! *Vlogmas Day 6* [Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii]


  1. Congratulations!!! You guys are truly lucky to be able to live in a brand new gorgeous condo in town!!! I’m impressed you guys filled it with furniture and all your kitchen equipment in no time! Enjoy watching your channel and will be vacationing in Hawaii in a few days. Looking forward to visiting some of your recommended spots! Funny thing is that my friends who live in Honolulu have never heard of some of these places so they look forward to when we come and take them to your Foodie Ohana spots!!! 🙏🏼😋

  2. You made my night Felix . I could not stop laughing when your house fell apart but I do still vote for your house .

  3. Were neighbors! Love living in kakaako/alas, so close to work, resturants and the beach! Amandas house hands down winnaz!

  4. My vote goes to Felix's gingerbread house, even though it fell apart in the end. However, I would have easily voted for anyone who used the "chocolate poop" on house! 🙂 – Zeke.

  5. mashaAllah both houses are awesome, I think you can put them both together with a sky light in the middle. Love your videos I have been benjjjing on them every night while eating dinner for the past week finally subscribed. You are both awesome, hey you like the poi from 711 by cashier? so good so right!! can we asmr the sound of rain and the beach at the same time, eating the most fantastic pho …..mmm spicy fresh hot and full to the top!… just loving oahu

  6. Felix was in the lead until it fell… Yay Amanda, you win!!

    My friend lives in your complex and I must say the location is extremely convenient and the amenities are not too shabby! You guys are definitely blessed (as is my friend) Congratulations!

  7. Great information to retain! & to make u feel better Felix it was a nice design, & I know you worked very hard on it, so A for effort but Amanda wins overall 😂

  8. Please give us a tour of your gym…😀💞. And totally Congratulations 🍾 to your new beautiful place!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Your process was very interesting to learn. I think a lot of locals can learn a lot from this video. That shared equity clause sucks, but I think you guys probably made the right decision. I liked Felix's gingerbread house design better, but Amanda wins by default, due to Felix's subpar construction, LOL.

  10. Loved your story, very informative. As far as the gingerbread houses……sorry Amanda, Felix’s house
    Is super cute. Felix wins! (Note: vote was taken before Felix’s house was condemned for poor/unsafe

  11. You guys seeing your experience as being “BLESSED” (not “lucky) will not go unnoticed. I don’t care what anyone says. Prayer works! All kinds of things could have gone wrong …but didn’t. Now you guys are home owners!!!😃
    Gotta LUV when that happens!

  12. Love this episode💕so so funny.😂😂Amanda’s house looks real and sturdy while Filex’s is more of an art work but recyclable😊Believe or not I saw this gingerbread house in our local Walmart yesterday without buying it. After watching you guy’s project, I’d like to buy one and try it for myself😃 FYI, I live in Vermont now with lots of snows, Amanda’s house should survive the weather here. Good job Amanda👍👍

  13. Loved this video !!! (BTW- You have a beautiful apartment !). Enjoyed watching you build the gingerbread houses; you both have such different construction/design styles – Lol !

  14. Last video the desserts looks so good, so happy for you guys on getting the new house, more memories for you guys to come!

  15. Such a great job explaining how affordable house buying works. I can understand how saving 💰 money and patience both work arm and arm, it takes such a long time. I totally agree with Felix statement about not wanting to be cash poor by over purchasing, that would be a huge mistake because you still need to live. So it all worked out and have a beautiful home in a great location, Congratulations for sure. Now, about the gingerbread 🏠 houses, I am 😞 sorry an "earthquake" struck Felix's house that's a bummer for sure, soooo Amanda is the WINNER🏡🎉🎈🎊🎉Sending a big hug for precious Lucy🐾❤🌟⛄🎅🎄Aloha❤

  16. Thank you for sharing all of that info! I felt so bad hearing about Amanda’s work, but maybe it was meant to be since Youtubing seems to be such a natural career for both you and Felix. You 2 are such a cute couple and are so supportive of each other. Seems like you and Felix both have the same dreams and aspirations…going for the same goals. Kudos for having such dedication and determination! All of your sacrifices and hard work paid off big time! Stay dry!

  17. Congrats on home 🎉..I was wondering what bank did you used to buy a home??im lookin to buy a house soon too..

  18. Best vlogmas ever thanks for sharing your journey through your home buying process you guys are awesome by the way Felix house is a winner while it lasted sorry Amanda 😞 your house looked like it could survive last night's storm Lol 😆 kidding ✌

  19. 😂 Poor Felix! I loved the Xmas lights on the roof! Very pretty! The green grass was a good idea! Glad you’re having some quiet time at home. Felix, the cardboard boxes are temporary… you’re still setting up house. 😉
    Love you guys!

  20. I love this type of video because I can relate to it so much because I can't buy a million dollar house 🥲

  21. Wow the process of getting into brand new condo 😞 but I'm sure it's all worth it. Talking about your process while making gingerbread house 👏👏👏👏 no joke it's messy and time consuming.

  22. Congrats on the home. the only issue with purchasing a BMR or below market rate home is that when you sell the condo as an owner you will not be able to obtain any or full equity gain from the property. it will be resold to another family that qualifies as BMR.

    buying regular homes or a smaller home as a starter hm is much more of a seed. with real estate it may take you 2 home before you get your dream hm. however with every home you will make $$$ when you sell to help with the next down payment.

    just some thoughts on BMR properties.

  23. I was at the Kakaako Farmers Market and stumbled across this lady who was sharing their affordable housing project nearby! Looked like a really nice place, but I’m not a resident.

    Your project sounds really nice. You should give us a tour of your place.

  24. Congrats on your new home. It takes a lot to own a home in Hawaii. Not just money but a lot of discipline and oriented goals. Just your first of many steps in home ownership. 👍🏾

  25. It looks like all your discipline and saving really paid off and that you're enjoying home ownership with Lucy. Both gingerbread houses deserve props! They, like homeownership, are much harder than they look. ; )

  26. When Felixs house collapsed I was LMAO. I think you guys are very entertaining my daughter lives on Oahu. The rain you guys have been having is crazy congratulations on your new home. I live in Philadelphia and my niece lives in Pearl City in the Air Force for 18 years. Hope you and your family’s have a blessed Christmas and New Year’s.

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