How to Complete Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing | Avoid Quarantine on Arrival with These Tips

We show you the whole process we went through to get tested before we went home to Hawaii. We made it home but we had some issues thanks to CVS. Avoid our mistakes and learn our tips so you can go on a Hawaii vacation!

Need a step-by-step video guide on how to do the pre-testing program? Our Hawaii itineraries include a How-To Video on the full pre-testing travel program (updated, unlike this one stuck in time):

We finally made it home to Maui! But we had to jump through some hoops to get in with Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program. We share our experience on testing at two different clinics and share lessons learned from our experience and others who have done the pre-travel testing in the past 30-days.

Hawaii is cautiously opening and many locals are nervous about the virus spreading on the Hawaiian islands. When you visit, it is mandatory to wear your mask when in public and follow social distancing best practices. Mahalo for being respectful to the local community.

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How to Get Tested for Hawaii Video (15-October-2020):

How to Complete Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program
00:00 Intro
00:26 Choose a Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Partner
01:21 Get tested 72-hours before departure and tips on testing
03:17 Visiting the islands respectfully and being welcomed by locals
04:18 Support local Hawaii businesses
05:37 CVS messed up our results
07:03 Our new plan to get tested via Seattle
08:41 Carbon Health testing
10:10 Tips on testing
11:02 Arriving in Hawaii

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  2. What’s the latest COVID testing requirement for travel to Hawaii direct from Canada? It appears to be no different than any other US state…just a Rapid Antigen test.

  3. Hi, please help , I leave to Hawaii the 21st of January 2022 I have to have my son get tested since he’s the only one with no COVID shots , can I get my son tested 1 day before my flight like you guys and if so what is the COVID test called ? I can’t do the pcr test bc they said results are taking more than 72 hours ! Thank you 🙏

  4. I am trying to plan my families first trip to the Maui. I am discouraged from going with all these protocols. If we are fully vaccinated do we still have to take the pre-travel COVID test? Or is our vaccination card sufficient to board flight and enter island?

  5. Hello, I’m looking to travel to kauai in May and I’m only partially vaccinated due to a near fatal reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. I’m a little bit confused about the time zone situation as far as testing goes, if I was to go say may 10th when would you recommend getting tested?

  6. Thank you so much for the video. It really helped settle my nerves. I took my Covid19 test at Walgreens on Tuesday @ 2pm and my flight is on Friday @ 12pm, which is 70 hours from test to departure. Cutting it close but still within the 72 hour window. Received negative test results within an hour. Process at Walgreens was straight forward. I haven't been home in 4 years and look forward to one week with the family during the holidays. Aloha!

  7. Thank you so much for making this video. This has relieved a ton of stress for my husband and I. We are going early January and are so excited to go back again after 4 years 🙂

  8. Hello very good video! I am from Chile and I will travel to Honolulu in February but I will make a stop in Los Angeles to be tested for covid, do you know how long before I must upload the result so that they give me my qr code?

  9. We are traveling to Honolulu in December and then 3 days later to Kauai, we are not vaccinated and know we have to be tested before we go but do we have to be tested again to go from Honolulu to kauai?

  10. I wish these videos were more straight to the point without the extra fluff … the driving the economy explanation not related to the topic

  11. Took my son to CVS to get tested. On the appointment I wrote it was for travel. However, once he got his test we didnt pay anything. Should I have been charged? Is this one not going to be accepted since I didnt pay? It was the Molecular Lab Test (PCR/NAAT) test.

  12. Do know know you in where near Florida aeroporto do COVID teste trust pArtner i m Brasilian thank you for videos , , good bles your beautiful 🤩, 🤗

  13. What should I do? I have my flight schedule for Sept 11 departure time @5 am and I made an appointment for PCR/NAAT test for September 8

  14. Thank you so much for sharing, I will have to watch it again because of my time leaving to Hawaii.
    I’m getting tested on Sunday the 12th of Sept. , and they told me I should know by that day or the next .
    I leave to Hawaii on Sept 25th Wednesday at 7:15 AM, I hope is plenty of time, I don’t know.
    I’m thinking of the time difference!

    I’m very nervous because I have to send it through email and answer some questions for Hawaii , I don’t even know yet. And than get a QR.
    it’s so confusing for me, but I pray I can get it done. Thank you my name is Diana, and I’m so glad you guys made it home. God bless. 🙏❤️👍

  15. I am flying Nashville to Dallas/Fort Worth then to Honolulu, So do I enter Dallas/Fort Worth as my travel from on the form?

  16. So do I just bring the test results printout with me to the airport and show them? Or do u have to upload to safetravels site?

  17. So you need to get it before you leave to head to Hawaii but the only check it when you get to the airport in HI?

  18. I have a question! I’m already stress I have my flight on sept 23 Im from San Diego. When and what time is perfect for me to test the covid test! Please help me it would mean a lot to me!

  19. I wanted to say how easy it was to complete the Hawaii Safe Travels online. We filled out our Heath Questions this morning and confirmed our Vaccine Exemption! We plan to arrive 4 hours before the flight just to avoid any long lines and last minute stresses and I have lounge Access at San Jose CA Airport and then its nonstop to Kauai!

  20. So whats the point of getting tested if kids 5 and under dont have to be tested? Are kids 5 and under somehow not able to spread covid?

  21. I just heard starting July 8th no pre travel covid test for vaccinated travelers from the mainland. Hope it's true!

  22. Thank you for clearing up the Hawaii entrance requirements. We just booked a last minute trip to HI since international travel is no good. We purchased the Costco ANOVA test kits w/ video observation, overnight shipping, and hoping we get our results before we leave. Our failsafe backup: LAX rapid test 1 hour….

  23. I am going to Waikiki 7/2/2021 from Lax to Waikiki lands 9:20 am 2 hours time different i will test at walgreens when should I get my test? Would you know?

  24. I still wonder how all this wasn't ruled as unconstitutional. After all, Hawaii is a US state and us Americans have a constitutional right to freely travel there. I guess somehow there is a law in the books allowing Hawaii to force quarantine on arrivals even from the mainland US?

  25. I am a little confused on the cost associated with the testing. I have an upcoming trip to Hawaii – I called my local Walgreens that provides the rapid testing and there is no charge and billed directly to insurance. So why did you go with CVS? Did you bill your insurance – pretty sure insurance covers the COVID test regardless of the circumstances.

  26. My poor little dog had to go through cargo. When you brought your little guy, did you have to have a vet meet you at the airport? I know you have to have a FAVN test so they would be cleared to come on the island. I’m curious how that process went.

  27. Thank you for All of your helpful and great information, it is very valuable. My wife and I will be traveling to Maui in September. Great job, you both have great, pleasant personalities.

  28. I'm not screwing around with Walgreens or CVS. You gotta wait like 2-3 days before the 72 hours to book the test and If they are slow getting results, you're screwed. My family and I already made a appointment for our test in 2 weeks and paid for the test with a guaranteed 24 hour result (I've heard some get them back within 8-12 hours)

    I want peace of mind and am not risking our trip, so it's worth the extra fee.

  29. If i have a hour layover in HNL before OGG– do I need to enter the flights on the safe travels site as JFK to HNL then HNL to OGG, or just JFK to OGG (final destination)?

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