How to choose the best island for your Hawaii vacation [RUNDOWN OF EACH ISLAND]

Learn how to have a travel agent for your Hawaii trip planning 👉👉

Planning a Hawaii vacation this year and trying to decide which is the best Hawaiian island to visit? Hawaii trip planning can be challenging if you don’t pick the right island from the get-go. So, in today’s video we are covering which Hawaii island to visit based on what they have to offer, who they are best for, and some of the most popular highlights of each. These are our top tips for choosing the right Hawaiian island for your vacation.

Whether you are looking for a Hawaii family vacation, a group vacation, or just a small getaway, we will cover which islands will work best for your trip.

*One key Hawaii vacation tip – this is just a general guide. If one or more islands sound good to you, go a little deeper by researching that specific island further. A great resource for that is Hawaii Vacation Guide here on YouTube – A big thank you to them for helping with the information in this video.

0:00 Intro
1:20 Kauai
3:23 The Big Island
6:00 Maui
8:18 Oahu
10:39 Recap

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