Home in Hawaii ep. 6: I rented a beach house with my boyfriend

Home in Hawaii ep. 6: I rented a beach house on oahu with my boyfriend!! I think this is my favorite summer in hawaii vlog so far :’) hope you enjoy ily very much x we both grew up & live on oahu so I surprised him with this lil staycation 🙂

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  1. I am moving out to Oahu in about a year and watching your videos gets me so pumped! I get more and more excited about it everyday!

  2. can i get the link for the beach house tho!!! my boyfriend and I live on oahu and I wanna take him somewhere special for his bday

  3. thank you! also im very happy that this is your life that you are experiencing! if you can do it, it makes me believe i can too

  4. Lyin' Ted is a disgrace. I voted for him for Senate the first time he ran in 2012. Not enthusiastically, but I did it. Was the worst single lapse in judgment in my life. Never made that mistake again. He is a truly loathsome human being. |

  5. Where are the shorts you wore in the first clips in the house and the green bathing suit? Soo pretty!! Also love the body positivity ted talk:)

  6. OMFG THAT TRIPPING THING SAME. cus literally my ankles are so weak my mom makes me do ankle exercisees LMFAO

  7. When people say follow people on social media that are positive and inspiring I automatically think of you bc you are that person for me that makes me feel so good about myself, so thank you and ilysm!

  8. Ok but your hair looks so good short. (I mean it looks amazing either way but when it’s short it just hugs your face in all the right ways:)

  9. Ava looks totally like a queen in this video, woow so funny, beautiful, inspirational. I really love this video from start to finish more like that please 💖🤩🌊👌

  10. girl, i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. ALWAYS. Thank you for blessing my sunday. Stay healthy and happy💕

  11. I just wanted to say how amazing you are and how your videos have truly helped me so much. The way you pick yourself up when you have bad body image is honestly so inspiring and I hope to get to that place and relationship with my body soon. I’m currently recovering from anorexia, and hearing your words of wisdom is so grounding and reminds me that attaining a flat stomach is not important and there are far better things to be doing with your life. Thank you💜

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