HD BEST HAWAII BEACHES – OAHU Ocean Waves Sounds Blu-Ray / DVD relaxing video 1080p relax

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• MUSIC: – NONE – All natural ocean waves sounds version
• VIDEO: “HD HAWAII BEACHES 1” DVD Blu-Ray by Greg Voevodsky.
• FORMAT: HD 1080p with all natural Dolby 5.1 SURROUND SOUND recorded ‘live’ on location.

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  1. i wanna move to hawaii :3 look's nice and fun that you never have to worry about snow and enjoy lake's and beach's all year long Dont you all think so to?

  2. Hi stan199965,

    you mentioned some islands have bad & good points…how was Oahu? Lived there for many many years. HawaiiKai drive, Mariners Ridge adjacent to Kalaneole Hwy. which is California version of PCH highway 1. Your fortunate to have gone to Kauai…very lush and beautiful island. Warmest people one may ever meet!

    Regard to Surfing like, Sunset, Pipeline, North Shore is infamous for huge gi-normas waves. Normal days about 8 to 10ft.winter is 15 to 25..is challenging

  3. Hi All. We went there a few years ago and done three islands in two weeks. Oahu, Maui and Kauai. Thay all had good and bad points but Kauai was best at the Sheraton. Each day a seal liie this one would come up and sun bath just after eating his breakfast to sleep it off so he would be quick enough to stay out of the way of the sharks! They fenced him off so we could look but not touch. I am very lucky to have gone and if you get the chance you should too. Best Regards

  4. @skimmer66 – LOL – Speaking of impossible. If there are nice waves, there are surfers there before and after sunrise. It's extremely hard to shoot any beach in Hawaii without people or surfers. If you want good ways – search for Kelly Slater, he'll be surfing them. 😉

  5. you should get some footage of clean surfable waves on a day with a light offshore wind…. ill be sold at that point.. send me a message if you ever do that

  6. you should get some footage of clean surfable waves on a day with a light offshore wind…. ill be sold at that point

  7. siempre me fascinaron las imagenes de Wawaii. Es sin dudas uno de los lugares mas maravillosos del planeta.La unica pena es que ya no creo que tenga posibilidades de conocerlo.MUY BUENO…………

  8. @dbsk06 – It's a rare monk seal… and yes you can be, just fly out and stay at the Turtle Bay Resort and roll in the sand. Great place to stay, surf and eat. 🙂

  9. Ohhh I would love to live there!! Aerial views would also be welcomed. Seeing the islands, waterfalls and beaches from above is so ethereal.

  10. What's funny is how tourist try to run out into the surf at Sandy's (3:19) with their inflatable beach mats or pool floating devices, only to get 1) a warning from the lifeguard via megaphone that the shorebreak is too dangerous and to stay out of the water. Or 2) learn the hard way by getting picked up and slammed into ankle deep water by some killer shorebreak. Deceivingly beautiful, Sandy's is a very dangerous beach also known as "neck breakers" due to a very shallow but powerful waves.

  11. Here's what it is like. I use 2 special yamaha speakers and a Labtec powered sub-woofer on my computer with also a Labtech 3d sound thing-a-ma-jig. for music and sounds . These waves are it…Man!

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