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My measurements
Chest 42
Waist 45
Hip 60

Height 5″6
Current Size 18/20 2x/3x
Shoes 8.5 us

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  1. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL sis!!! So vibrant, colorful and relaxing looking!!! Hawaii is DEFINITELY on the list of places Babe and I are going to visit!!! I'm sorry that you didn't have the "ideal" trip, but just try to count it as a great opportunity to be able to actually go. 😊😊😊 Blessings to you TwinnyPoo!!!❤️ ❤️

  2. I want to go one day….sorry for the family issues — that stinks … yes next time go with folks that bring positive energy

  3. Beautiful vlog of Hawaii. I was booked to go April of 2020. I'm glad despite family issues you still found a way to enjoy yourself. You definitely can't travel with everyone. I learned my lesson around your age. Your priority is your SON PERIODT! Miserable ungrateful MoFo's don't have a space in my life and energy. I cut off plenty of people because they're energy vampires. Not everyone is happy for your success. They say so but deeply rooting for your demise. MOVE IN SILENCE. THE UNIVERSE gave you confirmation from this trip. LOVE THEM FROM AFAR. Where did you get the dress and handbag in thumbnail? If you need a travel partner look me up. I'm a travel agent part time. I'm only 8hrs drive and 2hr flight from you. Blessings 💗

  4. That beach area at the 20 min mark 😍😍😍😍😍. So sorry to hear the family dynamic wasn’t where it should be! Everybody has a different travel style, I hope you find some likeminded travel buddies. The scenery looked amazing, thanks for bringing us along ☺️

  5. I enjoyed your vlog, always do! Sorry bout the family drama I could’ve told ya never travel with family. Love the 2 piece blue/orange print outfit .

  6. Very beautiful scenery, great footage. I look forward to going one day. I wasn’t feeling that bird in the restaurant tho( I’m scared of birds🤦🏾‍♀️). Love my family but I hate traveling with a group of people ! Can’t stand trying to make plan with a whole lot of different opinions and attitudes.

  7. Really enjoyed this Fascinating Vlog of the sharing your trip with the family and everything was lit 🔥and loved everything ❤and enjoyed the channel and have a great rest of your trip Beautiful 😍and much love 💘and have a wonderful trip sweetie ❤🤩🤩😤😘🥰🥳🌸🌸🌸🌸❤

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