Hawaii Vlog 2021 | Girls Trip | Traveling During Covid

Hawaii Vlog 2021 | Girls Trip | Traveling During Covid

Hey guy:! So excited to share this WONDERFUL experience with you all. 10/10 would recommend you visit Hawaii one day. Enjoy the good vibes! Be sure to like comment and subscribe for more content. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’d be more than willing to answer them.

This is not a video to promote travel but to simply to document my trip. Hawaii has very strict travel restrictions (such as getting tested 72 hours before travel and so on) so we were a lot more comfortable with going here rather than anywhere else in the world during a pandemic. The resort we stayed at was also at 30% capacity. We went there without covid and came back without covid as well. God Bless!

Location: Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Where I stayed: Royal Hawaiian Hotel
How long: 5 days (Jan. 4th-9th)


Email: keneuwajeh@gmail.com

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  1. Don’t come to Hawaii- we have impending lockdown coming and are running out of hospital beds. Not like you can drive to the next state! Could be disastrous for you. Local folks are tired, burnt out and angry. No Aloha to spare, kala mai.

  2. LIIITTTT , it looks so good and sunny and the food UGH !! Mouth watering , me and my mum and sister are going next year so excited ! ❤️

  3. Great footage….was that ocean joy cruise on the west side? I seen the ship say koolina. Or was it in Waikiki?

  4. Hey thank you so much for sharing!!!!!’ Yassssss to first class lol. Just wondering where are the pancakes from need those!!!!! Lol

  5. I loveddd this vlog😍😍 I’m supposed to be going in September for my bday and I wanted to know did you guys have to set reservations? How did you go about planning the events ?

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