Hawaii Vacation What To Expect | Ep.1

In the live series, our guests who recently traveled to Hawaii are sharing their personal experiences, The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY.

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Oscar’s Itinerary:
Day 1 Waikiki Beach
Day 2 Haleiwa
Laniakea Beach (Turtle Beach)
Waimea Bay (the Rock)
Day 3 Pali Look Out
Kualoa Ranch
Chinamans Hat
Kailua Beach
Lanikai Beach
Day 4 Byodo Temple
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden
Poi Factory
Day 5 Dole plantation
Waimea Falls
Back to Laniakea
Day 6 Luau at PCC
Day 7 Waimanalo Beach
Lanai Look Out
Day 8 Hilton Lagoon
Day 9 Dukes Breakfast then ✈️

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  1. So helpful i couldn't watch the live before, but can't wait to be there ,traveling next week if everything goes well .also almost everything is booked ,so definitely suggest to book in advance for sure 👍

  2. you have been very helpful in planning our trip and your walks are fun to watch. Thanks for all your hard work on this channel!

  3. This was awesome! Thanks so much. I will becoming there in September and got a lot of good info.
    I’m still a little unclear about the dining situation as which restaurants you need to make reservations. I have a special diet – plant based.

  4. We got harassed at a 7-11 by some skinny meth head looking type
    he yelled a lot but we just stood our ground then got back onto our bikes and rode off,
    but as we were apparently the meth head yelled at slapped the car of the wrong guy,
    huge guy hopped out of her car and gave him a good slap and chased the screaming meth head down the road

  5. This was great. I'm planning on coming in April. Sounds like I need to start deciding on when I want to do what and make some reservations.

  6. I’m wondering if we can walk from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center to the Aloha Stadium or should we take the bus to both? I’m thinking of doing both on one of our days since it looks like it’s in the same area! Mahalo!

  7. Yes. Went ahead and mad our reservation to Polynesian center. Thank you for your notice to book early. Mahola

  8. Very informative video. I would love to see a beach video, different beaches and if they have showers and bathroom facilities.

  9. No mention of Diamond Head? Maybe I missed it but when I was there, I've bn 5 out of 6 years up to 2017 for 14 days each, I liked Diamond Head.

  10. Yes I love this type of segment because it provides great tips and information. Especially since my family is planning a vacation for next year.

  11. This video was great. Like hearing people’s experiences of their recent trip. Looking forward to next week’s video!

  12. We are planning on two days with care and 3 days with mopeds and being picked up for some of the activities like the Polynesian culture center

  13. Mae will be there in Noct and I’m wondering if we need to make reservations for Polynesian culture center now

  14. We have already reserved and paid for our car through Turo. And so far I’m excited to have a nice convertible for two full days.

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