Hawaii Travel Guide – 13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Oahu

One of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth. Known as the “Gathering Place,” join me as I help you decide what to do, where to go, and what to eat on the incredible island of Oahu.

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-Coconut Waikiki
-Seaside Hawaiian Hostel
-Waikiki Boutique Hostel

Below are some of my personal favorite places…all highly recommended, but I left off a few places…there is so much good food on Oahu. Best bet is to ask the locals…they know best:)

ONE FANTASTIC RESTAURANT that didn’t make the video, but is absolutely delicious is Marukame Udon Noodles in Waikiki. I only didn’t include it, because it’s already so well known. Also Dat Cajun Guy in Hale’iwa is another excellent spot that didn’t make the video.

Featured Places to Eat:
-Leonard’s Bakery

-Helena’s Hawaiian Foods

-Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck


-The Pig & The Lady

-Diamond Head Market & Grill

-Ahi Assassins

-Ono Seafood
(No website that I could find. Open 9AM-6PM, Closed Sunday & Monday)
-Maguro Bros.
(No website that I could find. Open 9AM-3PM, Closed Sunday)
-Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

-Kokonuts Shave Ice

-Waiola Shave Ice

BEACHES:-Waimanalo Bay (Windward Side)
-Lanikai Beach (Windward Side)
-Kahana Bay Beach Park (Windward Side)
-Waimea Bay (North Shore)
-Sunset Beach (North Shore)
-Makapu’u Beach (Southeastern Oahu)
-Ala Moana Beach (Honolulu)
-Waikiki (Honolulu)
-Halona Beach (Near the Halona Blowhole)
-Haunama Bay (Southeastern Oahu)

-Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (Hours: Sun 6:30AM-3PM, Wed&Sat 8AM-3PM)

-Haunama Bay

-Scuba Diving (Reef Pirates Diving)

-Go on a Hike
(Hikes Featured: Diamond Head Crater Hike, Makapu’u Lighthouse Point Hike, Lanikai Pill Box Hike, Koko Head Crater Railway Trail)
-Halona Blowhole

-Waimea Valley & Falls

-Rent a Car and Explore the Islands
Don’t Miss:
Kailua (Especially the Farmer’s Market outside Whole Foods every Thursday evening)
Kāneʻohe (Especially the Botanical Gardens and the Valley of the Temples
Kualoa Ranch

Kayaking out to Mokili’i Island

-Lastly…explore Waikiki

The Bishop Museum is a very cool museum in Honolulu

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  1. Great video, I’ve been to Hawaii three times but visited Oahu only once and stayed in Honolulu, hopefully some day I can experience the beauty of the rest of the island. I also recommend visiting Duke’s restaurant at Waikiki. It’s very convenient especially for anybody staying at the Hilton as it’s basically right next door. They serve great food, flash historical memorabilia regarding a great, if not the greatest surfer ever, Duke Kahanamoku, and you can take in the vibrant beach scene at Waikiki.

  2. Hi Matt
    I'm from Florence and saw your video and I subscribed to your channel straight away!
    Any chance you can do one on Maui and San Francisco?

  3. Great funny, detailed video! Loved your enthusiasm! Also, thank you for having great speaking skills never a dull moment.

  4. I just started viewing your vlogs and even though this vlog is 3 years old I still learned a lot about a place I lived with my parents during the 60's and 70's then on my own after college in the mid 70's. I have been going back as a tradition for the last 3 years btwn Christmas and New Years. Seeing friends in Honolulu then New Years with old friends in Kailua Kona / Captain Cook area. Heaven! I enjoy your enthusiasm.

  5. OMGGGGG I have been watching so many videos and so far this one is the best before I go to Hawaii Thankssssssss

  6. As someone who is Hawaiian, The best advice I can give anybody is don't spend your trip in Waikiki. Waikiki is a concrete jungle, and it doesn't represent Hawai'i At all. Go out and experience as much as possible. Also be respectful, please be considerate of locals as this is not a place to mess around. This is our home. We don't mind tourists as long as they respect the culture, language, and our ‘Āina as we want the next generations to come to enjoy it as well. Mahalo!

  7. Matt that was a very informative video! Just watching all the favorite places to eat made my mouth salivate 😛 I’m planning a trip in September after not being home for 15 years makes me want to do everything that you have suggested. I just hope the swap meet will be open. Great presentation and your comedy is really funny. New subscriber! Slapping that bell! 🤙🏻👍🏻👊🏻

  8. Can you please give an update like something like relevant now? I keep hearing that the beaches are now over crowded because people are flocking there right now in August I guess I'm going to be one of them people are saying that there is no public places to sit down. Is that true?

  9. Drinking water immediately after getting up, has made my digestive system so much better! I used to struggle with me since childhood.

  10. What is so bad about the busses? Why would you take a rental car if there are bus lines everywhere and parking is difficult anyway?

  11. Thanks for the tips, everything looks really beautiful! However, the restaurants you showed didn't seem very vegetarian friendly, it was all just meat and fish! Is it difficult to get vegetarian food on Oahu and do you have any recommendations where to eat?

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