Hawaii man greeted by great white shark during 'insane' experience

Underwater photographer Deron Verbeck said he went diving on Friday off the Big Island’s Keahole Point when he thought he saw a school of ulua. But something was off because the size and shape made him think of a tiger shark…at first.

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  1. They gotta be smart enough to know youre not their food but if a hungry dog will eat anything Im sure a great white would have made that dude a little snack

  2. I think great whites are awesom..I just don't go in the water with them as we get regular attacks in Australia like the poor guy in Sydney 3 weeks ago……

    Video actually shows the Attack "Graphic" then the Shark eating the Torso that was cut in half from the initial attack…..Not a real nice way to die.

  3. i snorkeled with shark in hawaii but I actually paid for it lol… Mecho's, blue fins and saw some hammer heads.. no CAGE

  4. Not all sharks are bad.
    Not all aggressive sharks are bad.
    A shark will not attack just because it is a shark especially if its not hungry any more than a lion or tiger wont attack to eat if it just ate or isnt hungry.
    Just because they CAN be vicious, doesnt mean they WILL always be like that on every encounter.
    Sharks can be aggressive, but theyre not like that all the time.
    Ive seen sharks who befriend humans.
    It is humans that misunderstand them.
    So if youre one of those people who are scared of sharks JUST because they ARE a shark, please look more into their species to get to know them better!

  5. Great white coming from below. Man if that happened to me that water would turn brown really quick, we would learn that day if they react to shit.

  6. She looks pregnant.. good thing he was below the surface of the water, a female, and humpbacks in the area, or else that man would have been a snack.

  7. He was just lucky the shark wasn't starving at the time..

    Shark's mind be like, "Next time gadget.. next time."

  8. "Foraging"……. Ha, Ha, Ha. Funny 'shark expert'. Great Whites don't forage, they rip, tear & thrash their prey to pieces. In fact, no carnivore 'forages'. That term solely describes the slow, measured eating habits of herbivores.

  9. I dont think these sharks are wary around people! This shark saw it was a human and said, yuck! They taste like shit!

  10. I'd give A LOT to have an encounter like this, if I'd know to get away unharmed tho Such beautiful animals. Totally in love with great whites.

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