1. It's comical that it was white men speaking for Hawaii only 1 Hawaiian ….. it's crazy culture snatching fucksvits sad

  2. Harassing animals is something I used to do until viewing this piece of amazingly educational footage. I know now my wrongs and will release all wildlife back to their natural habitats starting with the orcas🤔

  3. There are people that respect nature's beauty from afar. Then there's the entitled jackasses that want to poke and pry. Teach your children respect and boundaries people. 🙄🙄🙄 And arrest them if they don't. Those people don't understand repercussions and consequence.

  4. Ban humans from turtle beach. The utube videos i see made by tourist companies at this beach promote people taking photos close to the poor animals. I find this very sad and it makes me angry. The turtles are not in a zoo. They are given no respect by loud gawking humans with children. They may be one human family but the turtle is confronted by hundreds of families in a day and this is inhumane. So very sad that people are so useless and stupid.

  5. We humans are straight stupid, cuz of your picture live or videos for tiktok, I swear these new generation s are stupid

  6. Just gotta love all the comments of "just let the animals live in peace" while these same people are eating their fish, chicken, or steak tacos!

  7. Why harass the wildlife outdoors when you can just pay to go an harass them at the zoo or the aquarium everyday?…

  8. Some idiot said petting a turtle is NOT harassment…slapped him and said "let's see who's hand will come flying off if it ain't harassment" he just looked at me like Im an idiot for saying touching a wild turtle is illegal 💃✨

  9. on behalf of actual divers, i promise you the rest of us are disgusted and firmly believe that you look, don’t ever touch, take nothing but memories and leave nothing but bubbles. i hope they are charged for this, this could seriously damage the environment, these animals natural habitats/ecosystems and behaviours. unbelievable. 😤

  10. I agree with this video. Not just in Hawaii too, everywhere. Respect wildlife! I live in what’s considered “cottage country”, and it makes me sick when cottagers come up and think that our wild animals are here for their selfie op. Sure you don’t get to see them where you live, but that doesn’t mean you get to invade their personal space. Keep a distance, give respect. You wouldn’t walk up and grab/touch a random person, don’t do it to an animal either. Especially since if the animal retaliates and hurts you, sadly it’s the one that’s punished and deemed “dangerous” when it wouldn’t have been if it was respected properly. The worst are always the tourists that try to walk up to the bears at landfill sites. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. lol animal laws but the people laws don’t matter as much but just as well someone has to defend the marine life

  12. Who is paying for the wild life harassment force -_- . Not sure which is dumber people messing with dangerous animals or wasting money to form a taskforce.

  13. I'm started to see this more and more in my hometown of San Diego, specifically in La Jolla. When I was a kid, they had sections of some of the beaches and tide pools roped off so that the seals and sea lions could chill in peace. Those roped off sections aren't there anymore and the tourists just now try to get up close to them. Because of that, you can tell that the animals cant find a decent place to relax like they used to. It really makes me sad. I hope the city of San Diego takes more action like Hawaii

  14. omg i went to hawaii and everywhere you go the people who work there/the locals say “don’t touch the animals” it’s not hard, leave them alone

  15. Yes all these people with their need to post bloody social media posts need to really respect all as a first rule!

  16. In Taiwan, it’s illegal and people will get a fine from $1000 -$10,000 USD just for touching or taking photos while hugging them.

  17. It’s like these tiktokers don’t even have ears or eyes, you don’t see a turtle grabbing it’s phone and disturbing you do you?

  18. Yes, please be respectful to the wildlife-I 💯 agree with this! But why is it the rules are different for innocent babies being aborted??? Why no urgency and consequences for that??? Lord have mercy on us 🙌🏻😭

  19. I have so many pix of sea turtles I love watching them but knew not to touch them even when I snorkel 🤿 that’s there home!! People should respect it

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