Hawaii in 4K – Inspirational Speech – Make Your Life Extraordinary!

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This speech will change your life! Hawaii captured like never before, in glorious 4K 🙂
Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation

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For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com

Super thanks to Kualoa Ranch for letting us film at their location. So many big movies are filmed there, check them out:

Super thanks to Trevor Hanson for pulling off the trampoline in the ocean and rounding the troops for that. Follow him here:

Had the chance to work with some of the best cliff divers in Hawaii, and perhaps the world for that matter! Follow them on Instagram down below! Phenomenal athletes.


Big thanks to Amir Zakeri as well for linking me up with all the cliff divers! Follow him on instagram here:

Camera equipment used for this video:
Red Dragon
DJI Phantom 4
GoPro 4 Black Edition

All the drone shots were done with the Phantom 4. I shot this before the Phantom 4 Pro was out though, if your looking for a drone, that’s the one I would personally get for the price/results (this was not sponsored by them, ha).

Phantom 4:

Phantom 4 Pro with remote/monitor. This is the new one I bought.

For all the smooth shots, down on ground level, those were made possible by the Glidecam. We use the Devin Graham Signature Series Glidecam. Get yours off Amazon here:

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition. This is the one we use and recommend.

The pole/GoScope We Use:

It’s called the GoScope Boost Plus that’s our personal favorite one. Here’s a direct link to that.

Super thanks to my wife Megan for spending a week with me, waking up way before sunrise, filming all day, and getting back way past sunset to get the shots, and she was the main girl featured in this video as well.

Follow her on Instagram here:

Film by Devin Graham.
Color Correction by Tyson Henderson
Shot and Edited by Devin.
Follow me on Instagram at:

For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: devinsupertramp@gmail.com


  1. Who here is part of the EMAIL NOTIFICATION SQUAD?! If so, give me a high five, and pat yourself on the back, you my friend are awesome 🙂

  2. True. We live only once and it's not for long time. be loved and be happy everyone! Peace out🤙🧡 love u all

  3. साला हमको तो पल्ले ही नहीं पड़ा।
    मैं तो जा रहा हूं संदीप माहेश्वरी sir ko सुनने
    लव हिंदी

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    TURN BACK ….

  5. I really don't know why I keep coming back to this video, but today I'm going to download… Thank you so much

  6. Hawaii is truly a lovely place blessed with much nature feels. The ocean waves are amazing too even if I’m freaking afraid of the ocean (and anything shallow) lol

  7. Сколько денег надо чтобы из Росс поехать вон туда на Гавайи и попрыгать в воду? Всегда мечтала

  8. Just to let people know there is like a whole foods and macys down the street. This is filmed just outside Kailua on Oahu at the big ranch.

  9. I'm from Turkey . We do not need to speak the same language to live in peace and tranquility. There is a lot to be told without speaking.

  10. Any one that reads this listen to me … just 2 years ago at my lowest point in life. my ex wife put out on the street like an animal after losing my job which rendered me homeless. i was sleeping in my 2011 Honda Accord swimming in debt and i had no money in my accounts. i decided to become a nurse and walked 6 miles to school and back home everyday when i lost my drivers license due to living in my car with a suspended license. i cried many days when i was alone and people from my class laughed at me while driving by me on the way to school. everyday i imagined beautiful things happening in my life instead of hating those who mocked me and picked on me. family, friends, haters, i didn’t give a damn i forgave them and dropped them all off like grocery bags at the front door. i improved my life on my own terms and bounced back within 365 days of realizing “i am” all I have in the end. i will never forget the day (shedding tears while typing this) i punched my steering wheel while crying feeling like my life was over.

    recently as of September 28th 2020 i got my divorce, i finished school and i am on the nurse aide registry living in NYC in my high rise private condo with the love of my life and plenty of money in my bank account. NEVER EVER GIVE UP on you! your life’s course is hard because the outcome is so great!

    i truly wish you All the Best in life!

    GOD bless!

    find me on facebook – Akiim Allen

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