Hawaii Emergency: Navy Poisons Drinking Water

The US Navy has poisoned the largest water supply in O’ahu, Hawaii. Nobody knows how long residents have been drinking toxic water, how big the chemical leak is, or how many it will impact. But instead of urgent action to save lives, the Navy is engaging in a cover up.

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  1. Crocodile tears from the State Board of Water Supply worker…. The Hawaiian Islands is a sovereign nation in captivity since it was seized by the United States on August 12, 1898 in violation of treaties and international law. The U.S. State of Hawaii is equally responsible for perpetuating the fraud and complicit in allowing this catastrophe to happen. Karma is a b!+@# Will we ever learn or does Russia need to liberate Hawaii next?

  2. Time to Cancel the Army’s Lease at Pohakuloa over Radiation Contamination

    1. The Army repeatedly denied the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Hawaii.

    2. Now it has been confirmed that in the 1960s the U.S. Army used the Pohakuloa Training Area for firing spotting rounds containing DU for the Davy Crockett nuclear weapon system.

    3. The DU spotting rounds have created the presence of radiation contamination at Pohakuloa.

    4. DU is a chemically toxic and radioactive heavy metal with a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

  3. They want to wipe them out. There is less then 1% of real natives left and I’m sure those are heavily mixed with other races already.

    Just as the do do bird all natives worldwide will be wiped out.

  4. please show INDEPENDENT lab test results of this water. Why doesn't leftist Hawaii gov't protect its people? Sounds like you need Republicans running the state.

  5. Some years ago we had a similar problem and guess what, with the same people and by the same method.
    US military in the Azores. Fuel in drinking water.

  6. Hawaii needs to demand complete Independence from the U.S ..Kick Mark Zuckerberg out .Reclaim your lands .US Govt /Big Pharma ,Bankers should now face Jail

  7. Yo Mike & Abby can guys adopt me? I'm just kidding, but I love you guys & all the good work you do. What y'all are is doing is extremely brave 🙂

  8. This is HAWAII we're talking about! Just think what the south american countries in the US backyard have gone through througout the decades…

  9. Navy Poisons Drinking Water. This is misinformation. Very important news but tainted with the kind of shitty journalism

  10. I thought having a native DOI secretary would solve this? Oh yeah she voted on all of Trump’s military handouts and this is the result of her votes. Gotta love natives wanting capitalists and liberals to save every indigenous person

  11. I know of a case whereby background radiation was discovered in the plants and soil of a US military facility around a Scottish Loch. The quantities matched those of an abandoned submarine reactor that had been inappropriately discarded. It was denied but the evidence was pretty blatant, and they eventually closed the facility for unspecified reasons, likely due to pressure from the UK agencies. I imagine it is more difficult on US home soil where the people responsible for safety standards are the same people breaching them.

  12. The US military is one of the biggest, if not the biggest polluters in the world. I used to work in an environmental testing lab that had a contract with the DOD. The level of toxic contaminants in samples from US military sites was on another level and horrific. My company actually had to change certain testing procedures because there was so much gunpowder in one of the DOD samples that it blew up and melted the container it was in during preparation.

  13. A topic Tulsi Gabbard will for sure never touch because she is so conservative pro Military it hurts to ever liked her.

  14. Even Abby martin said "amounts of people"? That sounds so fucking stupid. IT'S NUMBERS OF PEOPLE. !!!!!! WHY CANT ANYBODY LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LESS AND FEWER?!!!!
    STUFF comes in amounts
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  15. Thats not the only thing they lying about they need to worry about dropping free point energy w their sorry ass

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