Hanging Out With Dolphins! – Hawaii Vacation #2

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Travis and I got married on July 11th 2009. We now have a beautiful family of 4! Alaina and Emery are our 2 crazy little daughters who will keep you entertained for hours! Thank you for watching. We LOVE you!

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  1. Looks so pretty there! I love the slide for the kids. These vlogs are making me want to go there.

  2. Are those dolphins able to roam freely or do they have them captive? So sad when animals that have never ending space in their natural habitat are confined to captivity. 😞 Looks beautiful there though!

  3. im still confused about the "new" name;D i was like maaan, theres no videos in my feed that interest me right now…then im like i should weed out all these new youtubers that i lately subscribed to and not actually watch. so i started with this one, clicked on it and was like omgg yaaaas, i forgot, its carah and the little ones and trav! 😀 and i got so excited and happy, as ive been watching your videos for years, but i jsut keep forgettign about the new name;D xx

  4. Omg the part with emery on travis’ lap while having lunch ugh so cute. Reminds me of my dad and me when I was little and makes me want kids!

  5. carah i love that intro! so cute. been watching y’all since the very beginning; its so bittersweet to see the girls grow up!

  6. I’ve been watching since you found out Alaina was a girl. I love the Hawaii vlogs and your family! ❤️

  7. The animal you filmed before the kitty was a mongoose I believe. When I was on one of the islands years ago, I was told there was a huge rodent problem. To remedy the infestation, mongoose were imported which took care of the rodents, but now there is a huge mongoose problem. Haha.

  8. Ah Alaina and Emery get along so well together! Best friendssss! It warms my heart so much haha

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