1. I am the wife of the French president, I want to denounce it to the world. The scam by a powerful underground corporation claiming that global climate change is in fact a way to launder the money of American democrats when they fund it. for a person or association?. If an amount is given to any country or organization, then 75% of the money will be returned to the black fund to the entire parliament of the same party. they don't know that global climate change doesn't work. just for the money. even vaccines in the same way? Drug companies will pay the FDA and its leaders to force people to get injections. Try to think that when making any drug, it has to be tested on animals and then on humans, but they don't do that, and they turn us into animals for drug testing. Let's all think why the government now dictatorship more than Hitler did….

  2. 🚫Is the Chinese Corona virus vaccine working or not? So why get it if it’s not working and we have to go back to wearing masks again because of Biden‘s and Democrats vaccination failure 😨

  3. Dr. Jill, Dr Jill. What is your husband's favorite Adult Diaper? "DEPENDS" Follow up please. "Go ahead". What color are they? "Usually brown". "No more questions"

  4. I am more concerned that a civilian used Air Force One at 6 million dollars for a trip to Japan's Olympics. She is not a government representative and should be flying commercial.

  5. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in crypto currency

  6. Jill: “my husband was supposed to be on the flight too, but he got confused and boarded the wrong plane, thinking we were going to Nebraska.

  7. Go back home!!! The Hawaiians don’t want you here!!! Take You and your family’s corrupt agenda back to the states!!!

  8. Not nurturing. Not caring, and loving. A climber. Over her husband's frail body, ( if necessary ). Dr. Jill should "heal" her husband. Oh, that's right. I almost forgot. She donated Joe's body to science. Political science.

  9. A Vogue magazine cover? Talk about affirmative action? That was it. She doesn't belong on a fashion, ( or a glamor ), magazine cover. Not inside the magazine either. She may have been "cute", ( not gorgeous ), years ago, when she was cheating on her first husband, with Joe Biden….. But, that was a VERY, very, long time ago. She's.plain, and normal in appearance. Nothing special, ( which is okay ). But, don't lie. Lies don't work. That's why people are refusing to get vaccinated now. Too many lies.

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