Travel to Hawaii has chanced, we will bring you up to speed on what you should prepare for when coming to Hawaii. From registering to the travel safe program to booking activities and dining.
Should You CANCEL Your 2021 Vacation To Hawaii?

72 Hour Testing Upload Tutorial:
Fully Vaccinated Upload Tutorial:

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  1. Wonder if you can help. Where do we register if we are visiting Hawaii soon. We are US citizens coming from the wast coast
    THANK YOU~~~~~

  2. Hi! I am going to be visiting honolulu on the 24th- nov. 4th. I am going to be getting a covid test right before I go so I can travel to hawaii. For the restaurants requirements, am I constantly going to have to get a covid test within those two weeks so it is within the 72 hour deadline ? that those places require? or can one test be enough for those two weeks out in honolulu. Thank you and hopefully I put that in an understandable way!

  3. I'm bringing my family back to Hawaii in October for the second time this year and 3rd time since "covid". Since I'm a United States citizen as are my family we don't do any of this "covid" stuff. I just strongly assert my citizen status and recommend that we be left alone and do not want to participate in anything other than boarding the plane . It may take 20 min but eventually we are left alone. No were not taking any test and no were not uploaded anything to any app.

  4. It’s 15 days and both the vaccination or test need to be from a trusted testing partner which can be limiting depending on where you live.

  5. Very nice and respectful information but please also keep very respectful to sea life animals and our aina be respectful to others and to our land, you can not do wat u want to do jus because you think u have da rite away be respectful you will be ok aloha and be safe mask up and stay distant aloha 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  6. Coming from a local resident, you don’t need to eat out at a restaurant if you don’t want the hassle of waiting? Call the local restaurants 10-15 mins in advance and place a take out order and your meal will be ready when you arrive? Also a lot of eating places here have apps that you can order and they’ll bring the food to you vehicle upon arrival? Rental cars? If you go on Craigslist Oahu, you’ll find local resident renting their vehicles out so you don’t need to depend on the RAC companies! There’s also an app that you can download to rent vehicle from private owners called TURO!!! Be safe and have fun while visiting🤙🏽

  7. Hello great informative video. My family and I were planning on coming late October which I was told was a good month to come but with the surge I guess we’ll postpone until next year. Do you have a upcoming video on the embassy suite at Hilton? I am so glad I came across your channel. New subie here. Be safe out there and hopefully we’ll see you next year

  8. So nice meeting you both in Honolulu! My kids and I were so happy to run into you on Seaside Ave as we were dashing for Island Vintage Coffee and fetching açaí bowls back to the hotel for my parents. You two are the sweetest and quite the YouTube angels guiding travelers on their journeys. Love you guys! 🌺❤️🤙

  9. We didn’t even bother to visit Oahu this summer. We visited Big Island instead and less crowded. We managed to make dinner reservation a week before we visited the island so wait time for our group was less. Also, arrive to the airport 3 hours early as you may want to line up for “Pre-clear” wristband which takes 45 min to an hour (this is to avoid the line in Hawaii)

  10. hey guys! Thanks for another useful video. My husband and I booked our first trip in March, and now, we are considering cancelling based on the changes in the last 24 hours. It just doesn't sound very fun with the cancelled events, closed places, long line ups to eat etc. Am I wrong? We really appreciate all of these details, and may postpone now having watched this update.

  11. A lot of ignorant comments; what people fail to realize is that the surge is straining our MEDICAL SYSTEM, thus restrictions. Hawaii is NOT under lockdown, but the option has been discussed. The governor also said in the 8/23/21 press conference that the state is strongly recommending against traveling to Hawaii for up to 6 weeks (tentatively) until the covid numbers go down. Please, do not make snap judgements based on speculation. Educate yourself, do the research. I was born and raised on Oahu and I can tell you right now that our ER’s are nearing or over maxed capacity; if you find yourself injured on your trip, chances are you won’t been seen right away.

  12. I guess I am concerned why vaccinated individuals are not required to have negative tests, since they can get and transmit the virus. Guess it truly is best to avoid Hawaii

  13. News Flash folks from the Mainland! You get your butts checked and jump through hoops to get to Hawaii. When you get there, hey, lo and behold, the Hawaiian residents and businesses don't follow the social distancing and masking and put the tourists' lives at risk!
    I went to Maui in the end of April. Got tested, did all the things required, traveled fully masked for the ENTIRE 15 hours of travel time (flew in from NY) and guess what? The hostel I stayed in, the manager said you can all go around without a mask, he was maskless. The tour I took the next morning was for Road to Hanna. It was in a VAN , not even a minibus and we were PACkED IN shoulder to shoulder for twelve full hours! All fifteen of us!
    The Hawaiian residents want to blame the tourists, I blame the residents for their own covid fiasco.

  14. THANK YOU for this video. We just picked up reservations for travel in October and were wondering about the changes with COVID. You alerted us to some things we did not know (registering on the site, etc). Again, thank you!

  15. Very nicely done update. This reminds me of the pre-takeoff video shown by Hawaiian Airlines in which the crew presents all safety information from various spots around the Hawaiian Islands. Well done!

  16. I can’t believe the surge is up considering how strict Hawaii has been on the testing requirements, mask rules and capacity. I was there in May and saw people getting denied to board the flight because they didn’t have their negative test results uploaded on the safe travels website.

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