Don’t Book Your Hawaii Trip Until You Watch This! – Hawaii Travel Restrictions 2021

Trying to figure out what the current Hawaii travel restrictions are in 2021? Hawaii has some very specific requirements when it comes to the type of Covid test you need to take, where you must get the testing done, when you should do your test and how to clear screening at the airport. Plus I’ll let you know what the policies are for travelers who are fully vaccinated!

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  1. Hawaii is smart. Love it! Don't matter if you are visit, holding all earlier CDC guidelines has standard protocol for post vaccination implementation. This population has gotten it right.

  2. DO NOT vacation in Hawaii! Wait times after arrival at airport are over 4 hours and Covid-19 Delta variant is spreading rapidly throughout the islands over 600 positive cases a day and rising. Not a good time to visit Hawaii. MASK mandate highly enforced with fines for noncompliance! Not an enjoyable time to come.

  3. Supposedly starting from July 6th if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to provide a negative COVID 19 test just showing proof of vaccination is good enough for exemption.

  4. I am in Hawaii now if you love being stuck in 2020 mass Covid hysteria don’t come, this is crazy! Masks and social distancing is in full effect … kill me!🥴

  5. Hi, how long did it take you to get your QR code after uploading your negative test? I'm traveling to Maui in July and want to be prepared. Thank you for this informative video 🙂

  6. This is stupid and should be challenged! Hawaii is US! It’s the only state with this requirement! Later for Hawaii…

  7. at this time and with the us vaccination progress this seems to be just somebody's way to collect more money

  8. Very informative video but i have a question about island hopping. So i will be traveling from NYC to Waikiki and spend 4 days there then fly to Hilo. Now to fly to Hilo, do i need to get tested again 72hrs prior even though i'm be already in Hawaii ?

  9. What is someone is not vaccinated? Can they still enter the country? If they get all the requirements of taking the test and filling out all the necessary forms.

  10. Thank you for explaining this Hawaiian Covid Hyper-Rules for tourism.
    I am embarrassed to have assumed that Hawaiian government officials trust the FEDERAL CDC guidelines.
    We will be cancelling our July vacation to Hawaii and will spend our summer vacation elsewhere. We took the FDA-unapproved Covid vaccines specifically to travel to Hawaii. 😡
    We are so done with the foolishness of government management of Covid, social distancing, and those ineffective masks that Dr Fauci forced on the people in the CONUS states.
    Best wishes for the private tourist industry in Hawaii. Arizona is no longer living in fear and small businesses are quickly building back to pre-Covid levels of financial success.

  11. I wish I would’ve known about the Covid19 test requirement before letting my friends convince me to go to Hawaii. They never told me about this. I am so upset at this MONEY making machine call Covid19.

  12. Okay so say my flight from LA departs at 6:55pm on Sun June 20th, would I get tested that Thursday June 17th?

  13. My fiancé and I are going on vacation to Hawaii in August to meet more of his family there ! So excited🥰🥰 but do we need another covid test when coming back home ?

  14. Stanford University peer reviewed article on the NIH website confirms masks do not work, so outside? Are you kidding. I'll save my bucks and enjoy the California Central Coast and not wear a mask outside!

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