DO NOT DO THESE on Hawaii Beaches

In this video, we will tell you things you shouldn’t be doing when on Hawaii beaches. Some may seem obvious but others not so much.
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  1. Staying ten feet away from honu is not easy sometimes. I go to my favourite beach which is full of honu and I can barely find a place to enter the ocean to swim where there are not honu. And then when I finally do, they come and swim under my boogie board or I come up from under water and am face to face with honu face. But I do try.

  2. My wife and I along with my in-laws visited Oahu for the first time the first week of September to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and the amount of homelessness was overwhelming. Myself and my father in-law are both veterans and we were verbally accosted by an apparent mentally ill homeless woman after she noticed we were both wearing veteran clothing. She began screaming obscenities at us. I just let it go because it was obvious that she was disturbed but her comments upset my father in law. Other than that incident we had an amazing time.

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