Captain Cook Name Change Adopted By Hawaii State House (Apr. 7, 2022)

The Hawaiʻi House of Representatives voted on Thursday to adopt a resolution (HCR27 HD1), which requests “the United States Census Bureau to re-designate the census-designated place known as Captain Cook on the island of Hawaii as Ka‘awaloa and requesting Hawaii County to remove all references to Captain Cook as a place name on the island of Hawaii.”


  1. I developed a civic action tech platform and would like to speak with you about it. Can we set up a time to talk?

  2. The slavemasters of the democrat plantation did a great job ensuring their slaves continue to perpetuate the victim-mentality mindset throughout their lives.


  3. This is Hawaii!!!!!! Captain Cook is a crook, how can you let a place in Hawaii be named after a slave trader and colonial person only out for own gain. Is Captain Cook the only person in the world who sailed the seas and traveled around the globe, nope. Hawaiian people were great seafarers and traveled extensively……so tired of stiff upper lip agendas. Let Hawaiian people get their land and rule back. That it is now 'ruled' by a foreign power like America, (descendants of Captain Cook as it was mainly the English putting their imprint on the land of the America), whilst killing more than 50 million native American Indians, and then some…….so using the name from a imperialist and colonialist in any way on Hawaii is sending out notion of you accepting oppression. Mother Earth is close to the Hawaiians, she knows the love from the people of Hawaii, but much have changed, she wants you to go back to your ways and love the land. That is more important. x

  4. Here in Alaska we had Mt McKinley back to her more indigenous name Mt Denail!! Silly to name things after men! Especially Capt Cook!

  5. What is wrong with the world today. History is history. Learn from it. Are we going to change the names of everything because it upsets someone

  6. It's all so racist and empirialist. The opinion of the indigenous people of Hawai'i is what matters.

  7. its easter people geez karens cant handle bunny ears but they voted for biden lmao… you can always move back where you came from.

  8. Nothing says “take me seriously” like wearing plush rabbit ears to a governmental meeting. 🤡

  9. More woke BS. A waste of time and TAX payer's money.The rabbit ears are VERY fitting of the stupidity on display here.

  10. The bay has two names use which one you want, this was a good day for Hawaii when Cook died.

  11. They better not try change the name, and there are more important matters to deal with ,like Gas and Electric.

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